Learning at the ‘Zero Net Energy Training Center’

Just as owning a car does not always imply you know driving; knowledge about green technology does not always suggest you are proficient with its application. Workers of today need to be trained for a greener tomorrow, and for this, Beth Percy, an intern architect, conceptualized the ‘Zero Net Energy Training Center’. It is indented to cultivate as a learning center that will teach the workforce about maintaining and repairing green technology.

Zero-Net Energy Training Center

Planned for Long Beach, California, the training center embodies a design that will consume zero net energy. This means that the building will harvest energy on site by making use of a combination of energy producing techniques, which are sustainable. Zero net energy building also connotes that the structure produces energy, which either equals or exceeds its power requirements.

Learning can be rapidly facilitated from observation and workers are sure to pick up cues while they stroll around the campus. From the building orientation and massing to the material used for construction, all of it would contribute in making it energy efficient. Even the technique of construction plays an important role in determining how sustainable the structure is bound to be.

Although, most eco enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see a paradigm shift that will change the present construction scenario, we have a long way ahead of us. Zero energy designs are capable of rescuing us from bearing hefty fuel costs, and at the same time they can save the planet from negative impacts of ecological imbalance.

Via: Behance

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