Eco savvy aeroponic farm in New Orleans

Most urban cities are facing a space crunch and the farm produce consumed here is usually sourced from outside. A lot of energy is expended to transport food produce to the cities. Moreover, city dwellers hardly ever get to sample fresh produce. But, the concept of vertical farming that cultivates crops even in limited spaces, can change this scenario for urban inhabitants. A host of such structures are being planned in urban areas and recently the debut of an all new aeroponic farm for New Orleans was announced.

NOLA Gets First Aeroponic Urban Farm

Aeroponics is a type of recirculating farm. In these farms the revolutionary technology of using water instead of soil is applied to nurture the crop. The set up incorporates a closed loop arrangement, which uses nutrient rich water to grow plants. Planned as a tower garden, this structure is being hosted by Hollygrove Farm and Market to promote the eco friendly and innovative method of framing. Food safe plastic that can be used outdoors easily has been used to make the structure.

The tower has a host of green provisions. Firstly, the farm has no water runoff, thus it helps to conserve the precious natural resource. Also, the structure uses land prudently by growing plants vertically. Greens are produced on almost any place uncovered. Crops can be cultivated indoors, out in the open or in any other oddball place one hits upon.

Garden fresh produce will be cultivated for the community and about 40 pounds of greens will be harvested every week. In an area of five square feet, nearly 44 plants can be grown. The farm is being cultivated by Aquaponic Modular Production Systems, which is an urban agriculture development company stationed in Louisiana.

Via: Jetson Green

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