Highly sustainable university buildings

“Go Green” is a universal motto nowadays, and university buildings are no exception. In this article, we have brought into light some exceptionally beautiful universities that do not just catch eye for their beauty but also for the eco-friendly nature, they have. Environmental friendly structures follow a belief that function and efficiency of a building should never come at the expense of nature and environment.


Therefore, the structures that we have included in our list are the ones those support sustainability and are a treat to see. These projects have earned “green rating” and several other environmental awards from agencies who promote environmental friendly behavior globally. These universities besides enriching the lives of its pupils also work in outstanding ways to enhance the surroundings and sustain it in numerous ways.


Nanyang Technical University – School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore

A five-storey building under the beautiful twirl shaped green rooftops is a home to the pupils of Art, Design, and Media. This special design is not just a beautification strategy, but it has a environmental friendly feature, i.e. the green roof reduces the energy consumption in the building and not to miss – it adds a natural touch to the place owing to its greenery. The university with its completion in 2009 has received several green awards including the “Green Mark Platinum Award – Building and Construction Authority (BCA).”


EWHA Woman’s University, Seoul, South Korea

A fabulous structure that embodies landscape and building simultaneously that makes it a green project. The glass walls envelope six underground storeys that let the air and the sun inside. The natural ventilation and lighting brings down the energy consumption considerably. With its inception in the year 2009, until date the university has won several green awards for promoting the cause of green environment.


American University of Beirut – Charles Hostler Student Center, Beirut, Lebanon

This building has a design that maximizes the influence of the nature around, has green fields and remarkable views of natural beauty. Another feature that makes the infrastructure eco-friendly is the use of local building materials for flooring, beams, and walls.


University of Nottingham – Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies, Ningbo, China

The building is a home for research in sustainable energy technology. A major eco-friendly feature of the building is the large rooftop opening that enables sufficient amount of natural air and light into the building.


We pass on good wishes to all the institutions those promote environmental friendly projects and we truly hope that numerous other upcoming projects will take it as an inspiration and use same phenomena in their projects as well.

We would like to congratulate the institutions whose buildings made this list, and we hope these examples can be a source of inspiration for schools considering such projects in the future.

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