10 Design’s sci-fi house sleeps underground in nature’s fury

Hurricane Proof Home

Understanding Mother Nature is not only difficult but it is impossible. Havoc caused by the slightest shift in the crust of earth is beyond human control. We cannot put an end to these natural disasters but can work on providing solutions to at least save human lives. One such solution has been provided by Ted Givens.

Ted Givens, a design partner at 10 Design, has come up with an idea of a tornado proof neighborhood. The clusters of Sci-Fi looking houses in this neighborhood are designed in a way that they can respond to and withstand forceful gust of wind caused by a furious tornadoes.

These houses are provided with the set of hydraulic levers which get activated by high-velocity winds. These levers when activated pull the house under the ground and save it from being getting blown away. Roof of this unique house locks to form a water resistant and a wind resistant structure. The exterior is fully insulated, padded between the layers of Kevlar which provides barrier to wind and water, and allows diffused light to enter the house.

Hurricane Proof Home

The Weather information for whole neighborhood is interpreted with the help of the sensors connected to each house. On getting danger signals, the whole suburb would disappear in seconds. The prototype of this neighborhood is being created by 10 Design in collaboration with a group of ship builders in United States of America.

Earlier the proposal was to elevate the houses instead of burrowing them underground. But it got rejected because it was impossible to estimate the velocity of water and grinding debris. This new design is inspired by the animals that burrow themselves under the ground in case on any danger and comes out safely when the outside conditions become normal.

Via: CoDesign

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