Jessica Alba likes eco friendly house

Go green- this slogan is very much popular these days and it is not possible that you have not heard or know what it means. The environment today is facing a lot of threats these days from serious issues such as deforestation, global warming and different kinds of pollution. It is not a secret that it is us who have let loose these problems on our planet and therefore it is our moral duty to fix the problem before it makes any unfixable damage. People from all across the globe are beginning to realize their duties towards the environment and doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

Many celebrities too have joined the movement and have shifted their focus on eco friendly means of living. The eco friendly means of living are also called sustainable methods and they encourage living in a way that poses no threat to the environment and consumes fewer natural resources. There is a long list of eco friendly means which you can adopt in your life and really make a difference. One such great example of making a difference is set by popular actress Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba needs no formal introduction when it comes to acting and she has a huge fan following across the globe. She recently talked and showed her love for eco friendly houses so let us discuss on what she said.

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Jessica Alba and her love for environment

The actress recently revealed that she likes and prefers to use only eco friendly and non toxic paints for her abode and the same also goes for the furniture in her house. Jessica Alba is indeed very proud of her abode as it is a fine example of living in an eco friendly house that is extremely stylish and impressive as well. Jessica also has a baby brand by the name of The Honest Life which depicts her ways of leading a sustainable and healthy life.


Jessica Alba is one of the many celebrities who have taken their first step towards the betterment of the planet. The actress revealed that she only likes to paint the walls with eco friendly paints and she cannot compromise at all. That is why she got VOC paint for the walls of her house and she has the same thoughts about the furniture in her home as well which is why she and her husband has PVC free vinyl chairs bought for their beautiful home. The couches that are placed in the living room of Jessica Alba’s house have been made especially by a carpenter who hails from Glendale. The carpenter made it a point to stuff only sustainable filler in the couches that were being made for Jessica Alba’s house.


So you can make out the spirit of this actress and the efforts she is putting in to make her home eco friendly and reduce her carbon footprint. Every little thing in the house of Jessica is eco friendly and she evens searches for sustainable decorative items for her house. Jessica also told that she thinks that the mass produced things do not encourage the touch and feeling that the older and traditional things did. She also likes the fact that the older stuff has a specific and enchanting story behind them which is not the case with the mass produced things. Recycling furniture is also a habit of Jessica Alba which takes her closer to saving the planet. So you see that going green is not that tough at all and in fact it can really improve your quality of living.

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