Future idols collect 100 mil eco friendly bottle caps

Some people would do literally anything for their idol and especially when their idol belongs to the entertainment industry. The famous people of the entertainment industry tend to have a strong impact on people and their impact is beyond limits on some. The famous people can be divided into categories such as some are on the highest level of fame while some are still struggling to pass the first level. One great example of such impact of idols on fans was recently seen in Japan when some future idols requested their fans to send some eco friendly bottle caps. The result of this plea was truly unbelievable and you’ll find out further in the discussion.

100 million eco friendly bottle caps: a gift from fans to their idols

When the struggling starlets made their request to the public then there were some speculations about the reaction from the people. The final outcome was such that no one could have expected. The fans sent not some hundred or thousand bottle caps but they mailed total 100 mil eco friendly bottle caps at the request of their idols. This gesture clearly shows the passion the people feel towards the people they admire and follow. There is a specific name that is given to such star struck people and that happens to be aidoru otaku which literally means star fanatics.

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This was an effort by the starlets who are trying to make it big in the entertainment world and this particular opportunity was given to them by their agents. The contest was to gather as many sustainable bottle caps as they can and in return they were to get a good stand in the world of entertainment. This initiative was a small part of the big picture which happens to be a big process of selection of the new talent titled as Eco cap collection program. The winner of this contest would get an opportunity to make their bug debut under the banner of Hyadain which happens to be a major Japanese firm.

The outcome of this initiative was surprising as a total of hundred million eco friendly bottle caps were gathered and their total weight was no less than 2.3 tons. This contest was open to one and all that were enrolled with Alice Project talent agency in Japan and there was no bar on age or sex of the participant. For the talented starlets who have talent but were unable to get the required platform this chance was like once in a lifetime golden opportunity. The initial stages of this initiative did not draw many good speculations for its future but that definitely was wrong.

As soon as this initiative was officially launched the reaction and response by the people was truly overwhelming and the people controlling the incoming caps were finding it difficult to handle the daily progress. This program is truly a hit in Japan and that is why it has gained a lot of global attention as well. You must be wondering that why did the people behind this initiative wanted to collect caps. The following revelation will answer this question in a perfect manner.


It has been observed that around eight hundred and sixty caps give more than enough money for one polio vaccine and now that they have hundred million of them then there are enough for 1,150 polio vaccines. This program launched in Japan is successful and towards a wonderful cause. The idols who took part in it definitely did a great job and so did the people who are struck by their stardom.

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