iZen Bamboo Keyboard is the first eco friendly bluetooth keyboard

We have time and again written about environmentally friendly furniture, packaging, pieces of decoration etc, but till date environmentally friendly electronics have not been talked about much. Recently, Robin Behrstock has designed the iZen Bamboo keyboard, which is the first eco friendly bluetooth keyboard on the market.

iZen Bamboo Keyboard for iPad

Today we envisage an eco friendly environment for our planet and we are striving hard each day to make our environment a better place to sustain life. To make this possible, we are trying our best every day, to make less use of plastic, which is filling up our landfills and adding to the widespread waste problem. These iZen keyboards are an efficient medium through which we can easily reach our goal of having a world without plastic.

This gorgeous keyboard is hand made out of 92percent bamboos, its manageable design and low profile is best suited for the ones who are constantly on the move. It works without a wire with iPads, iPhones, Androids, smart phones and a number of other bluetooth enabled devices. It has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can be charged with the same one that is used to charge an iPad. The best thing about this fabulous keypad is that it is a green product and will not end up as waste.

This marvelous keyboard looks great and is much more attractive than a traditional keyboard. It can also be used with television. Thw first round of this project has been self funded, which just hit the local stores. In the near future they plan to increase production with other such products as walnut bluetooth keyboards, bamboo desktop keyboards, bamboo mouses and many more, but this is possible only with your help and generosity as they need your help to fund the next round of production.

Via: Kickstarter

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