Innovative furniture made using recycled car parts

Some people are so passionate about their cars that they refuse to discard their vehicles even after they worn out and disqualify to hit the road. This is where the creative minds come to the picture that transform old car parts into something unique and useful that car lovers can preserve and treasure for the rest of their life. Here we have gathered some of the most creative furniture pieces made out of old car parts that not just recycle the automobile trash into functional designs to adorn your interiors, but also help in sustaining the environment.

V8 Engine Coffee Table:

V8 Engine Coffee Table

Made using the recycled V8 engine, here is a chrome and gold coffee table with polished pistons that doubles as a side table and triples as a wine rack. Cleaned using chemical to remove all the dirt and oil, the table is powder coated in a chrome finish for a glossy look. Featuring 725 x 640mm glass cut and shaped to complement the unique shape of pistons, the V8 engine coffee table stands firmly on the flexible feet that the user can adjust or remove from the overall structure.

Ford Mustang Pool Table:

Ford Mustang Pool Table

If you think that you are living a macho life by installing a pool table in your home, then check this incredible pool table made using 1965 Ford Mustang. With the official license from Ford Motor Company, the pool table also features chrome bumpers and hardware, working lights, and alloy rims and tires from an original Ford Mustang, giving it a classy look. Measuring 4 feet by 8 feet, the Ford Mustang Pool Table gives genuine playing experience to the pool enthusiasts.

BMW S85 V10 Coffee Table:

BMW S85 V10 Coffee Table

Carved out of an old BMW S85 V10 engine used exclusively in M5 and M6 vehicles, the engine block coffee table is a unique piece of furniture that will add style and elegance to your living area. Featuring the frame finished in semi-gloss white while the block in silver, the coffee table comes with a 650x800mm glass top to display the stunning view of the engine underneath.

Coffee table made from Ferrari wheel:

Coffee table made from Ferrari wheel

The Ferrari Wheel Coffee Table as the name suggests is made from a Ferrari 360 Stradale wheel and is adorned with silver finish and glass top. Essentially a wheel, the coffee table also features a stand bolted to the wheel like a hub. The Ferrari Wheel Coffee Table places a toughened glass on rubber pads to ensure safety.

Many designers and artists around the world are transforming automobile trash into creative and functional furniture pieces for modern living areas. Apart from offering unique décor, these recycled products also help sustain the environment.

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