Innovative Electric Scooters That are Easily Foldable

The foldable electric scooters are gaining popularity because they are capable of saving precious space in crowded locations. These foldable electric scooters enable you to carry them easily when you are not riding on them. Added functionalities in these innovative electric scooters make it easy to use them by anyone. Here is a list of some of the latest foldable electric scooters.

  1. Citrus


Peter Opsvik has designed the three-wheeled electric drive Citrus scooter, which has kick scooter functionality and is easily foldable. The user can fold Citrus into a trolley in a matter of seconds, which you can use to carry your cargo. Citrus has recently won a Green Product for its innovative design and functionality. The basic concept behind the Citrus scooter is adaptability, which gives it room-to-room mobility. Its capabilities offer the user to use it for navigating the city traffic as well as a handy trolley to carry goods.

  1. E.T.


E.T. is a next generation electric scooter, which is easily foldable and offers many experience enhancing features. This smart foldable electric scooter came into existence by going through an intensive research in its design and functionality. It has an aluminum body with high-quality parts that have a design to deliver high-performance. The battery of this scooter has a long life with at least 900 full recharge cycles and takes 2 hours for a full charge. The smart E.T. scooter is lightweight and incorporates an easy to fold design for user’s convenience. The load capacity of this electric scooter is 160 kg and a practical speed of 35-45 Km per hour.

  1. URB-E


Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and having carbon fiber handles, the URB-E is a high-quality foldable electric scooter. The weight of URB-E is nearly 35 pounds and is capable of transporting an adult up to 20 miles with a top speed of around 15 miles per hour. The battery used for powering the vehicle is a Lithium-ion battery that takes four hours for a full charge. The battery of URB-E has an integrated USB port to deliver power to accessories like headlights, brake light and a phone charger. This beautiful foldable electric scooter comes in a variety of colors.

  1. Stigo e-scooter


The Stigo e-scooter is an Estonian invention and is one of the world’s lightweight and fastest electric scooters. It has a design, which mainly focuses for using it in urban areas where problem of congestion prevails. Other places where you can use this foldable electric scooter is in caravans, yachts, large factories, hospitals and university campuses. The folding time of the scooter is just 2 seconds, which is incredibly fast. The top speed of the scooter is 25 km per hour and comes in two engine variants: 200W and 250W. The top model of Stigo electric scooter is capable of running up to 30 kilometers with a full charge.

  1. MINI Citysurfer


The MINI Citysurfer is another stylish foldable electric scooter that combines many innovative features in it. Designed by MINI, the scooter has a weight of just 18 kilograms and has a compact structure making it lightweight. The scooter collapses in half when user folds it. This smart scooter incorporates a thumb-operated accelerator and a gearless hub motor, which takes power from an embedded 12-V Lithium-ion battery. The MINI Scooter Citysurfer has large scooter wheels with pneumatic tires, which makes it ready to use on bumpy roads. It consists of height-adjustable handlebars and a highly efficient three-brake system for an enhanced riding experience.

These foldable electric scooters are good at their performances and offer compactness to save space. Perfectly designed to use in places with small spaces, these foldable scooters are easy to operate.

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