Perfectly simple yet practical tips for staying eco-friendly over Christmas

It’s the season to be eco-friendly! Can you believe it’s nearly December already, which means Christmas is just around the corner? Where did the year go? The festivities and 2017 are nearly here.

However fun the holidays are, they can be an equally unfriendly time to the environment, with loads of extra rubbish and lights being used for example. With a little effort and imagination, you can easily reduce your environmental impact of the holiday season.

Below we’ve provided some green tips to help you enjoy Christmas in a way that doesn’t spoil the planet we live on.



Even though you can reuse plastic Christmas trees, be aware that they contain petroleum and small quantities of lead. So, when choosing a Christmas tree, it is more sustainable to opt for a live potted tree. Real trees help remove carbon from the atmosphere while they are growing and can be used for 2- 3 years without having to plant or re-pot the tree.

Another fantastic green option is, of course, to grow your own and save yourself a couple of quid in the process.



It’s the season of giving and spending money on gifts for others. Don’t be silly this year; instead, think about what you are going to buy, set yourself a budget and stick to it (so, you don’t overspend).

When choosing which gifts to buy, try to choose ones that are battery free and that you know are from recycled sources.

Instead of spending a fortune why not make your own gifts. Homemade items like cakes, biscuits and artwork are perfect for your loved ones and will save you from overspending. Giving homemade gifts will cut out unnecessary packaging.

Give second gifts from charity shops or online websites like eBay. You can find a range of wonderful second-hand items on eBay such as toys, bikes and clothes. You can even arrange green deliveries from websites like Shiply.

When it comes to gift wrapping, you can use tons of environmentally friendly wrapping paper, for example wrappily. Another good idea is to upcycle old paper or letters if you have kids; get them to paint pictures on them etc. Try to use tape sparingly, or better again – not at all.

Food waste

Removing food into a bin

Every Christmas we are all guilty of wasting tons of food! There are several things you can do to avoid this.

This year try buying less and if you need to, buy locally. Keep cooked food in the fridge, in airtight boxes so it lasts longer. Don’t throw food away even if you are sick of the taste of turkey, you can freeze it to use later in the month.  You can go online to websites like the BBC good food website for fantastic leftover recipes and inspiration.

Electricity – Lights


Don’t fall into the silly trap that the house with the most decorative holiday lights is the ‘best’. This will not only cost you a fortune when you get your next bill, but the electricity will drain natural resources as well.

If you are using lights outside, why not use LED lights for the house and for the Christmas tree. These lights use far less energy and are much kinder to the environment than original bulbs.

Hopefully, these tips will help you reduce the environmental impact of your Christmas.

Have a magical Christmas!

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