Innovations and innovators who are changing the face of renewable energy

When we talk about renewable energy, innovation cannot be ignored. Innovation is something that can transform the scene for clean energy in future. Through the power of innovation, ways to replace fossil fuels can be determined. Although there are several types of efforts going on to encourage renewable energy, here are some innovators that have been doing a great job in the small-scale renewables sector.

African Renewable Energies

A woman in orange helmet is standing beside the solar energy panel and using the notebook

It is a small company in London that has been trying to help certain communities in developing countries. This firm focuses on generating electricity using tips on solar rubbish dumps. As done in African countries, the landfills will be covered using flexible membranes that have solar cells printed on them. This can also become a good source of earning through clean energy production. For now, the trials of this mechanism are on in several countries.


A photovoltaic system of solar cells.

This Korean firm is targeting to grow a large amount of food indoors. This will be done in high-rise factories. While one such factory has already been operating, others are under setup. In the used technology, there will be no use of soil. However, water and nutrients will be required. There will be use of LED lights powered by solar cells. Several high-value crops will be supported by such technology that avoids viruses or bacteria.

Ritesh Arya

hydro-geologist from India

He is a hydro-geologist from India who is backed by the Norwegian company called Statoil and a few other firms. In the heights of Himalayas, this man has found huge groundwater resources. While the presence of geothermal resources could not be imagined by anyone at this place, Ritesh has been exploring these resources for future renewable energy benefits.


Woman putting leaves gardening cleaning bucket housework

This is an emirates company that has setup a factory for producing strong building materials by using waste tree leaves and fronds. This free waste is available in plenty and can be mixed with plastics to produce such construction materials like roof tiles, floorboards, walls, decks, and gates. The company suggests that their final product will be quite cheaper to regular plastic or wood.


providing solar fridges for remote villages

This French company works on providing solar fridges for remote villages and health centers. These fridges work on advanced insulation technology and do not require the use of converters or batteries.

Several innovators across the world have been working on renewable energy technologies and coming up with newer ideas for a better future. Many of these are really benefitting communities at a small scale.

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