Ingenious ways to recycle your old computer

In our life, computer becomes a member of our family, which provides the communication and computation through its software and hardware. Whatever we do in our life computer has tremendous influence on us, which helps us to live on. As the day progresses towards, the use of computer is increasing in rapid motion so the computer waste becomes a menace on our modern life. Sometimes we need to recycle it to lower toxic hazards of computer components in our life. Nowadays, the e-waste management is an essential activity to keep the ecological balances from computer waste. Therefore, the recycle of computer become a part of the e-waste management. Here, the seven ingenious ways to recycle your old computer as stated below.


Donation of computer

Donate your computer to any charitable society or any school has a great social value because the needy people of your society will get the benefit from your donation, and it will help them to develop further. In most of the time, your computer comes handy for teaching the underprivileged people of the society to establish themselves in the main streams of our society. By donating computer, you may not get any monetary benefit, but you will definitely get mental satisfaction that your money cannot buy. It is a kind of e-blessing, which comes from your donation to the society.

Reselling your computer

The resale of your old computer to the local market can bring some money back in your pocket and also saves you to recycle your computer in the ingenious way. This approach prevents us to make the e-waste in the society. The reselling process augurs the computer penetration into the core of our society where the computer awareness is very much required because the reselling price of computer becomes cheaper for the society.

Backup purpose

You can keep your old computer as a backup in case of emergency. So if your regular computer suddenly breaks down, this backup machine will help you to continue your work. If your kids are starting to learn the tricks of computer, then this backup computer will help immense in this matter. Even you can use this backup machine as the ultimate storage house for your data backup. It can save a lot of physical space as well as virtual space.

Upgrading the computer

You can upgrade your computer by changing the old and outdated components with the advanced one. It will also save your money and will prevent you to make the e-waste in your society. Even your outdated computer components will use in the refurbished computer. Actually, your old computer components run in the used computer industry in a vicious circle. It runs about for a couple of years more before the computer component’s life expectancy is over.

Transforming into the server

You may use your old computer as a music server for your home. It is a very good approach to make it for an entertainment purpose. In this music server, you can download movies and songs for your family. Besides that you may use this server as your website hosting purpose, if you like. So it will save your money and time as well as you will get immense satisfaction from it.

Exchange offer for your computer

Exchange offer for your computer

You can exchange your computer for a new one in your local computer market. It is very handy option for you because it will prevent you to make unnecessary e-waste in your home. If you require to exchange your old computer for a new one, you have to look out for a festive offer which always comes in the season. At this time, you will get the maximum discount and offers from your local computer market.

Refurbishing agents

They will buy old computer from you with a very nominal price, and they sell its components part by part to the refurbishing industry. However, they have unique marketing plan for every component of your computer for a different use which we may think in other ways. Suppose they buy the computer CRT monitor from you, and they will only take the CRT from it, and they will sell it to the TV manufacturers. They are very much aware of e-waste as they extract the maximum benefits from your old computer by examining every component one by one.

So the recycle of your old computer is a very much positive approach for a sensible citizen to make the e-waste to the minimum level where you can control your environment.

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