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Green homes: the latest trend

Trends come and go but the trend of going green in every manner is the one to stay for a long time and it should. This trend is becoming popular across the globe as it benefits the people and above all it is a boon for the diminishing environment. There are many ways and steps to go green and one of them is to live in a green abode. Green homes are not an uncommon concept now-a-days as most people are making efforts to get a green home or upgrade their existing one. If you wish to define a green abode then it would be a home that is planned to be environmental friendly and the goal is accomplished by using sustainable building products and by using water and electricity in an effective manner.


Green abodes are definitely becoming very popular with everyone these days as you will observe that more and more people are investing in them.


Green abodes: sustainable and definitely a smart investment

McGraw-Hill issued its latest report recently and according to that report the building of green homes has almost doubled to seventeen percent of entire market since the year 2011. The publication also assumed that this immense growth is only a beginning as it might increase to almost 38 percent of entire market by the year 2016. This growing demand of green abodes is due to the fact that these homes rank high in sustainability, durability and power and water efficiency. A family in Oak Park recently adopted to upgrade their existing home into a green home and they truly benefited from it.


A ‘green renovation’ is what they called it and the makeover included addition of more windows in the home plus utilizing the geo-thermal energy mechanism which means using earth for cooling as well as heating. They also used sustainable building products in the renovation process and they also set up a ‘greywater system’ in their newly renovated home. This family in Oak Park is only one example among the many that can be found across the globe.


Green homes are expensive to build but they also attract a high price which makes them an excellent investment for both the seller and the buyer. Research team at University of California in Los Angeles plus US- Berkley issued their latest report some time back and the report said that the abodes with a green tag with them get a much higher resale price and higher up to 9 per cent than the homes without a green tag. If you calculate the total money spent on building a standard house and a green home you will notice that the latter consumes a sum that is around three to five per cent higher than the sum consumed by the former ones.


Although the high return fetched by these green houses is hardly a matter of importance for most people and one fine example is Garcia Doyle. This lady said that the reason that she decided to go green is because she desired to have that lifestyle and not because she wanted more money. Inside Garcia’s house there are a lot of windows which makes it possible for the people living in it to get a whole lot of natural light. The tile used in the floors is obtained from Italy but what is noteworthy is that it is manufactured from recycled wood. Just like the previous example from Oak Water this one too has installed a ‘greywater system’ which when simplified means to utilize the pre-used water.


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