Impressive green rooftops around the world

Green rooftops are an amazing blend of philosophy of art, economy and ecology. Now a day’s Green rooftops are becoming very popular and significant in many big cities. It not only helps in maintaining a soothing green environment all around but also helps in various other ways such as reducing energy costs and absorbing storm water. Here is the list of world’s amazing green rooftops that has set their own standard and trend.

Chicago City HallChicago City Hall

Award winning city hall of Chicago houses a massive green roof that is worth appreciating. Located over the area of around 20,300 square foot, there are over 20,000 herbaceous plants, 40 vines, 100 woody shrubs, and two trees installed over the city hall. If seen from above the spectacular beauty of the roof will definitely drop down your jaw.

Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and MediaNanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media

Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media is an academic building located in Singapore. The building features an amazing rooftop made of green carpets that is very beneficial in warm climate and keeps the surroundings cool and soothing. The fluctuating green roof of the building provides the students of the school a comfortable natural environment to gather around and relax themselves.

California Academy of ScienceCalifornia Academy of Science

Renzo Piano, a well know Italian architect designed the Academy of Science, situated in Golden Gate Park of California. The academy houses a green rectangular roof that covers a total area of some 2.5 acres. Besides, it features a rainforest, circular skylights that are largely energy efficient and a planetarium. In order to keep low maintenance California Academy of Science well uses the native vegetation of California.

Hobbit House of Montana_2Hobbit House of Montana

Designed by Steve Michaels, Hobbit House of Montana is another spectacular destination with entire green roof. Located in Montana, United States Hobbit House of Montana is a unique guesthouse and a fantasyland that covers a total area of 20 acres. Wonderful green roof of the wooden house and magnifying natural beauty all around makes the place calm and attractive.

OUTrial House_2OUTrial House

Locate in Poland; OUTrial is a recording studio and a small house designed by architect Robert Konieczny. The most attractive feature of the house is its roof that consists of small green hills together with displaced grass. This epic utilizable green roof of the house can be accessed easily form inside the house.


These remarkable rooftops with incredible beauty are worth taking inspiration to live a green life and making our environment more clean and green. Green roofs are increasingly popular, not just for the great appearance, but also for the use they offer.

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