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Images of electrons to advance molecular computing and photovoltaics research

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A team of IBM scientists in Zurich has successfully managed to take images of moving electrons within a molecule using advanced methods. This development is projected to give a big leap to further research in molecular computing and energy storage. It is a breakthrough that will give an insight about the movements of electrons within a molecule.

Moving images of electrons from IBM could yield molecular computers

The researchers made use of Kelvin probe force microscopy, an atomic force microscopy, for imaging charge distribution within an X-shaped molecule of naphthalocyanine. It is hoped that better knowledge about the concept would plausibly help in future application of solar photoconversion, power storage and molecular computing.

Also, it will contribute in designing molecular sized transistors, which would make computers and other devices including smartphones more power packed and efficient.

As per Michael Crommie of the University of California, greater knowledge about charge distribution in molecules will immensely help researchers understand how molecules function in various environments. This technique will be very helpful for Scientists when they have to study about areas where chemistry, physics and biology intersect.

IBM published the research results in a recent edition of Nature Nanotechnology. Leo Gross, Gerhard Meyer, Fabian Mohn and Nikolaj Moll authored the presentation. Hopefully, it may help scientists think more loudly about the scope of harnessing molecules for energy storage and power efficient electric devices in future.

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