HSV R2: An electric superlight compact sports vehicle

Designed and selected for James Dyson Award from Australia region, this two seater, sporty and superlight vehicle targets the age group of 35, as both, a sustainable leisure vehicle and a commuter. Named ‘HSV R2′ sports compact electric vehicle,’ it is cost effective, has low impact on environment and enables the user to enjoy fun ride. Apart from the four wheel stability, the vehicle features a removable roof that provides protection in every weather conditions and an incorporated monocoque safety cell structure to provide rollover protection. Cutting down the cost of running, the electric engines are solar powered whereas infinite range can also be achieved by exchanging the battery packs at the e-service stations.

HSV R2' sports compact electric vehicle

The inspiration behind the vehicle is the need to build a bridge from the present vehicles to more sustainable transportation by focusing on the fun dynamics, emotive aesthetics and performance. The other aspects to the bridge are the habits of people and compatibility of the existing infrastructure. The car has been developed in different stages. Firstly, considering the potential interests of target user group, a rough physical layout was designed. As the design process continued, technical package was developed and examined critically at the different stages of the development process. With the final developments to the style the vehicle was brought in line as the originally stated qualities.

In total, the vehicle is a good example of sustainable transportation that we may be driving in the future. One of the biggest environmental concerns is solved as the vehicle is powered by the solar powered electric engines. Same levels of security and comfort to a car with exciting and raw motorcycle character are provided by the vehicle since it crosses over the physical properties of a sports motorcycle and a passenger car.

Via: Jamesdysonaward

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