Eco friendly roofing felt to add elements of organic and greenism in your life

A roof over one’s head is one of the most basic requirements mankind has always had. It not only protects you from the elements but also keeps you comfortable and safe. In today’s modern world, where roofs do much more than just provide protection, the one that lasts the longest is the greenest of them all. Some green roofs keep your home cooler in summers while the others keep it warm in winters, some help in saving and collecting rain water, while others help create a perfect terrace garden. The green roofing felt allows you to create the perfect green roof. To create the perfect green roofs, the building material needs to be long-lasting and durable. You can use the premium grade materials while constructing your roofs as the longer your roof lasts the lesser the number of times you would have to replace it.

Eco friendly roof

A green roof

A green roof is a lot more than just green. It is a roof that is covered with life-growing vegetation. The roof is often multilayered and includes a waterproof membrane that is covered with thick growing medium and soil. It is just like a lawn, only it is situated on your roof top. It is a well-known fact that green roofs are expensive to install as they cost nearly $8 to $15 per square feet as compared to the traditional roofing materials that cost anywhere around $3 to $5. You might be thinking, if it is so costly then why go for it, well for starters, it would cut your energy bills considerably. A green roof insulates your home in a way that it stays warm during winters and cool during the summers. Its vegetation cover protects the roof from the harm caused by the UV rays of the sun and hence prolongs the life of your roof; it also protects your home from pollution and gives your home a charming beautiful look.

Germany is mainly credited with the modernization of the green roofs. Even though the concept of green roofs is not so common in America as it is in Europe, the trend and environment consciousness is slowly but steadily catching up.

There are generally two types of green roofs:

1. Intensive roofs

These roofs look like a small garden or a park and are generally on large roofs of expansive buildings. The soil layer required is about 6” to 24”. The roofing felt that is required for this type of green roof needs to be not only be able to withstand the weight of the soil, but also support the vegetation of small plants and herbs and shrubs that grow on the roof. The root stoppers and the waterproofing layer needs to be very strong to prevent any leakage and root penetration. This type of a roof requires very high maintenance and needs to be serviced at least once every 2 to 3 years. But on the plus side, you can grow your own vegetables and plants in your own home and can create your perfect garden even when you do not have too much of space outside.

2. Extensive roofs

Extensive roofs are the most common green roofs as they require little or no maintenance. All you require is a good roofing felt, a long-lasting insulating and waterproof layer and only a thin layer of soil over it. This roof is designed to sustain grass and small shrubs and herbs and is almost self-sustaining and all you need to do is weed out the grass, when it grows too large. This roof is ideal for your home, if you are looking for the most Eco-friendly and economic way to beautify your house and also increase your energy savings.


green roof

There are a number of building materials available in the market that may be used to create a roof for your home, but those who are environment conscious and know the value of preserving the natural resources and the benefits of living in close harmony with nature prefer to live in a home that has a green roof. The greenery not only allows your house to look even more beautiful but also becomes more energy efficient and reduces your energy bills in the long run. Even if you do not wish to have an organic green roof over your house, it is preferable to use the premium quality felt materials that come with long warranties and last a real long time (about 50 to 60 years), thereby putting less pressure on the earth’s resources and creating lesser problems of waste disposal, and thus by this you can contribute a little towards creating a better and greener Earth.

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