How to recycle appliances and electronics products

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With more and more people getting aware of the environment, recycling is becoming extremely popular these days. Not only organic materials but large appliances as well as electronics products are also being recycled now for reducing too much waste, protecting the environment and maintaining a clean planet. But most of these items comprise harmful components which, if not recycled by following certain guidelines, might cause severe damages to the earth. Hen, re are how to recycle appliances and electronics products in a safe and well-organized manner:


Recycling of Appliances

Well, the fact is that kitchen appliances are not biodegradable and hence, disposing them of only means causing serious harm to the environment. If you want to avoid this situation truly, here are the guidelines for you:

  • Start with large kitchen appliances, such as refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, etc. All these items can be recycled according to the guidelines of the corresponding state. If your appliances are in working condition, donating them to local charities would always be the best option.
  • If you are planning to recycle comparatively smaller appliances like air conditioners, microwaves, dishwashers, etc., consider donating them to various international charitable organizations. These institutions, usually, resell the products in order to use the money for charity purposes.
  • Certain appliances might contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) (mainly used as refrigerants), which is extremely harmful for our ecology. As per the ‘Clean Air Act’, you should not dispose them of in regular way. Rather, contact your local authority for a pick-up service as well as proper recycling of the items.
  • If there are appliances in your kitchen that do not work anymore, use them for scrap metal. Process them at first for discarding the iron and other damaging elements and then hand over the casings to various construction companies for reuse and repurposing.


Recycling of Electronics Products

Be it a cell phone or a computer monitor, you can recycle most of the electronics present in your house and take part in cleaning the environment. Here are some ways:

  • If your PCs, televisions, printers, fax machines, or anything else that you want to get rid of are working fine, donate them to local schools, small businesses or churches. Generally, these electronics products contain certain dangerous metals and disposal of these items can cause severe damages to the ecology. So, just lend your helping hand to the needy people and donate them.
  • There are several companies which take older and damaged electronics products like cell phones, copiers, stereos, etc. and recycle them properly. Some of electronics manufacturers also have their own recycling programs for corporate electronics items. You should always get in touch with any of them prior to disposing of your electronics products by your own.

Summary: The process of recycling of kitchen appliances as well as electronics products should always be carried out by following certain guidelines. Read the full article to know about the guidelines and ways of recycling such elements.

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