How to make your RV vacations green

Travelling and making those occasional RV trips and holidays helps us to be closer to nature and increases your mobility and the curiosity to explore new terrain.  Given hereunder are five great tips that will help you enjoy the natural surroundings and indulge in a greener and eco-friendly vacation.


RV holidays are generally more eco friendly and also reduce your carbon footprint when compared to hotels, flight and train journeys.  RV holidays leads to lesser CO2 emissions as compared to other modes.  Although RVs do burn fossil fuels, but there are many other ways, in which your RV holiday can be as green as possible.

Family in RV on Summer Road Trip

Maintain your RV as frequently as possible

It is important to keep your vehicle in best shape and properly maintained vehicles use less fuel and have reduced emissions, thus save you some money.  You should drive at an optimal speed for optimal fuel consumption and should also consider options of fuel such as bio-diesel.


Drive a little less

If you are going to travel, then consider to stay in the place for more time, rather than driving around in your RV.  In fact, this will also offer you some time to relax as well as the opportunity of exploring the place for longer time.  In fact, you could bond with your travel mates and family, if they are with you.



Do not leave traces behind

Leave the place the way you had arrived at it.  Make sure that all your waste is disposed off; even if it means that you would have to carry back some of the waste to throw later at home.  Try to make efforts to leave the place in a better state than when you had found it.  This would inspire other campers who come after you and would make the local people happy.  Appreciate your surroundings, such as beaches, mountains, deserts and parks, for others to enjoy later.


Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

Try to purchase things that do not have elaborate packaging.  Do not carry plastic shopping bags as it takes almost 500 years to decompose, so instead opt for a biodegradable shopping bag.


Just take pictures

Do not try to disturb the wildlife of the natural environment by trying to pluck flowers, plants, shells and coral, respect them in their natural state and bring their pictures back home instead.


Be passionate about your environment and be more considerate for other avid RV tourists like yourself.  If you leave everything behind in perfect harmony, then it will be inspirational for others to follow suit.  RV trips are by far the most green holiday trips, but with these additional tips, you can reduce your carbon footprint considerably. Check out the list of RV Manufactures.

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