How to go green with your day to day life?

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With increasing global warming and population in the world, the environment seems to be suffering deeply and silently. It is easy to perform your daily activities without worrying about the environment, but it is also a proven fact that unless we use eco-friendly products or limit our activities that affect the environment, our children won’t be able to live a healthy lifestyle. In order to control the suffering of the environment, everyone can contribute in a lot of simple ways. We have brought some of the easiest and best go green everyday tips that would allow you to feel proud of yourself. If you are willing to play your part in taking care our beloved earth, like it has taken care for us for all these years, then use these daily go green habits.

  1. Turn the tap off while brushing:
    Turn the tap off
    Many people have the habit of leaving the tap water running while they are brushing. Even though we use only a handful of water, leaving the tap on wastes about 5 gallons of water per day. Thus, if you could turn off the tap while brushing, you can contribute greatly towards saving the environment.
  2. Don’t use bottled beverages:
    One of the most worthy and easy go green habits is to eliminate single serving items such as bottled beverages that requires a lot of packaging and time. These items also increase pollution. Instead, carry a coffee mug or water bottle with yourself.
  3. Consider walking or biking to nearest locations:
    biking to nearest locations

    Avoid taking your car to the grocery store or any nearby location. Try to take a walk as often as possible or consider biking. Taking an evening stroll to the store could be very refreshing. This would not only help the environment, but also saves money and keeps you fit.

  4. Pay your bills online:
    Every household in the US or any other country gets a papered electricity bill. Imagine how many trees can be saved by using electronic medium to receive and pay bills? This is certainly one of the most important go green everyday tips everyone should utilize.
  5. Recycle old stuff:
    Recycle old stuff
    Why buy new stuff when you can use old things? Recycle the goods such as grocery bags, packaging or plastic material and avoid purchasing new things.
  6. Use CFL lights:
    CFL lights are eco-friendly bulbs that save over 70% of the energy when compared to incandescent light bulbs. They last longer and offer better lighting.
  7. Use both sides of the paper: It may be very surprising to know how much paper goes to waste in offices every month that isn’t used on both the sides. Workers tend to print only one side of the paper. In US alone, one sided paper amounts to over 21 million tons of paper.
  8. Limit your meat meal:
    reduce meat
    If you are a non-vegetarian, then consider limiting your meat meal every week. Purchase organic and locally raised meat, eggs or dairy products. It will cost you less and won’t affect the environment.
  9. Consider borrowing instead of buying: Try visiting the library and prefer borrowing the book to purchasing it. It will not only help you in saving money, but the ink and paper associated with the book will also help the environment.
  10. Read newspaper online:
    digital newsletter
    Giving up the newspaper and reading news online is one of the most fascinating easy go green habits. Every day, millions of tons of paper is used along with ink to manufacture newspaper all over the world. If you do read newspaper and magazines, either share them with others or sell them to goods collection agencies.
  11. Use cloth napkins: Cloth napkins are more eco-friendly than paper napkins, thus stop using the latter at your dinner.
  12. Buy movie tickets online:
    Buy movie tickets online

    You can also save paper by booking for a movie ticket online instead of purchasing it at the booking counter.

Use these exceptional and incredibly easy go green habits in your daily lives and you will certainly feel very responsible and proud of yourself for taking your essential part in saving the mother nature. Persuade others to do the same. Don’t think that such a small contribution would mean nothing to the environment. If everyone pays a little attention to these trivial matters, it could made a big impact on the health of our beloved Earth.

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