How to decide the sizes of the tiles which you would want to install

Planning to install a new set of tiles or replacing the older lot. It will work to your advantage, if you pay attention to the basic considerations. The layout of the tile is of vital significance and you will need to have a basic understanding of the layout. The pattern of the tile and the angle at which the tile needs to be laid should also be of utmost priority.

The procedure

With so many basics to consider, it will be worthwhile, if you pay attention to basics and familiarize yourself with the basic sequence of things that need to be followed while deciding size of the tiles and its installation procedure.

Spotless surface

The floor on which the tiles are to be laid should be spotless and clean. Ensure that all the traits of the old flooring, if any has been removed. Having traces of old tiles can hinder in the installation process making the tile laying process difficult to manage. Any traces of old linoleum, carpet and glue should be removed and the surface needs to be spotless to ensure smooth installation of the tiles.

In case any trait of the old flooring is left in any form, it can lead to lifting of thin set adhesive that can result in the tiles cracking off at a later stage. Using scrapers and elbow grease for cleaning the surface is a worthwhile idea as the floor represents a manifestation of your dreams and you will like it to be spotless.


You cannot afford to go wrong with measurements as this can spoil the essence of the flooring, if dealt with carelessly. It is imperative to take correct measurements because uniform pattern of tiles will emerge only if the measurements have been taken accurately. You will need a chalk and a measuring tape to take the measurements.

Ensure that you are in the center of the floor while beginning with the process of taking measurements. Chalk the center in a straight line in the direction the tile is to be laid. In case you are looking for a diagonal pattern, you need to measure corner to corner after locating the center point.

Lay emphasis on correct positioning while finding the center point as you will always be working from the center point to the outer walls. This essentially means that if extra tiles are to be cut, these will be always be on outside walls and not in the center. Follow this rule and you will never go wrong!

Deciding the size

Knowing the center of the room and the layout pattern of the tile in advance will always work to your advantage as you can easily decide on the pattern and the size of the tile you would want to install. The basic layout pattern can easily be worked out and you can work on a mock design pattern before you finalize the size of the tile you would be requiring.

Mixing the thin adhesive

Equipped with all the supplies, you can confidently begin the process of actual laying of tiles. Different types of thin sets are available in the market and you need to have an understanding of your requirements in order to choose the appropriate thin set.

As you are ready with actual laying of the tiles, ensure that the thin set adhesive is spread equally on the all corners. However, ensure that the chalked lines are visible clearly, even as you spread the thin set adhesive. In case you are going for bigger tiles, ensure that a trowel with wider teeth is used. This is required to make the lined appearance in mixture.

For smaller tiles, a smaller trowel is required as the teeth need to be placed closely. Ensure that no gap is left between the tiles because this can spoil the whole essence of the floor. Having gaps between tiles result in hollow sounds and can even lead to the tiles cracking after sometime.

Having all supplies before beginning the actual process of tile laying will not only spare you unnecessary trouble but will ensure that your dream house remains in its best shape for long. Your local hardware store is the best place to take suggestions from, in case you feel that you need some creative inputs to make the home look elegant. A lot of material is also available online and you can check up the website of some reputed tile brands to know the basics. Choose the best for your home and put your dedicated efforts. The results will speak for your hard work.

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