Biofuels as an effective energy source

Biofuel technology is gaining importance very fast. Can biofuels replace the fossil fuels we have been using for several decades? Only time will answer this question but biofuel definitely seems to have a lot of potential. Scientists in different countries are now exploring the potential of biofuels. They can be used in place of fossil fuels like diesel and petrol.


Automobile giants are concerned regarding the design of their popular car models. Scientists, however, assure that they need not make serious changes in the design of the auto engines because biofuels can be used in normal diesel engines.

Biofuels are produced by using plant parts. Animal excreta can also be utilized for producing biofuels. It is a stable and sustainable form of alternative energy.


Corn oils, ethanol, sugar canes, and different sorts of plants are used for producing biofuels. There is no need to doubt its efficiency as biofuels have already been tried and tested by experts. We can utilize this effective alternative energy resource.

The best thing about biofuels is that they do not cause damage to the global environment.


Heavy use of fossil fuels is deteriorating the condition of our environment. Fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon particles trap the heat energy of the sun and increase the average temperature of the earth.

If the temperature of our planet continues to rise soon a day will come when the polar region starts to melt, causing significant and critical changes to human lifestyle and environment.


In a scientific study, a research team from Oregon State University has found that biofuels should go through more refinement to become as efficient as gasoline. The output energy we receive from the biofuels may not be more than the input energy but it can definitely be equal to it.

Biodiesel is no more than 69% energy efficient. Gasoline has been found to be 75% energy efficient. The research team of OSU has discovered that ethanol produced from corn oils is only 20% energy efficient. Biofuels must be more refined and efficient for substituting fossil fuels completely. The technology will have to go a long way before it becomes fully effective.


Biofuels have immense possibilities and huge potential. They can replace fossil fuels in the future. The biofuel technology still needs to improve and become more refined for daily use.

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