Greenest airports in the world

There are many airports around the world that are known for their state of the art technology and have an impressive architecture, but lack behind in supporting a sustainably eco friendly environment. Such airports do little for the environment and leave behind a huge carbon footprint; they will be nothing short of a disaster for the coming future. However, a lot of farsighted architects have become more environmentally responsible and are coming out with airport designs that are greener.

East Midlands Airport, England

Recently bestowed with the local green award, the East Midlands Airport implements several environmentally friendly measures that include an on site recycling service. The airport management has worked and is still working on numerous projects for achieving its carbon neutrality goal by the end of 2012. It was the first airport in UK to get the international environmental standard ISO14001 certificate. This clearly speaks about the long term commitment of the airport towards sustainability. Some of the sustainable initiatives implemented include, use of natural or low energy lighting, use of gray water in toilets for flushing and so on. The airport has also bagged the Ruban d’Honneur and the Environmental Awareness Award.

Munich Airport, Germany

Munich Airport’s first sustainability report outlined its plans to achieve a carbon-neutral status by 2020 and for this it has devised numerous energy saving measures. In an effort to save energy, the lighting system at the airport is switched on only when it is required. Around 3,000 floodlights are used for proper visibility at park positions and aprons during dark. This measure saves around 1 million kilowatt hours of power as well as about 570 tonnes of CO2.

Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Zurich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland and is known for modern and green. Around 74 hectares of the airport premises are dedicated for a nature conservation site. The Airport publishes an annual environmental report, which clearly states its seriousness and commitment to save the environment. The airport also has two big green roof projects.

Denver International Airport, Denver

The Denver International Airport has been working hard to reduce its carbon footprint. The eco friendly measures undertaken by the airport include its project on building the world’s greenest parking and composting facility. The parking facility will rely on solar and wind energy. It is expected to tap geothermal energy and also harness energy derived from methane gas via a landfill.

Logan International Airport, Massachusetts

Logan International Airport is home to a fleet of miniature wind turbines measuring 6 feet in height. These 20 turbines are placed on the roof of the airport’s headquarters and they collectively generate around 1,000,000kw hours energy per year. This energy accounts for three percent of the energy consumed by the airport building. The Logan International Airport has implemented eco friendly measures including, low-flush toilets, hybrid taxis, solar panels, glass walls that allow natural light, low watt bulbs, recycled building materials and many more that help reduce its carbon footprint. The airport’s green efforts are indeed commendable.

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