Seven most innovative alternative housing ideas

Homestead House by Michael Jantzen

Are you tired of living in small apartment spaces with walls and window enclosing you? Our modern day living has got us restricted to a large extent. Don’t worry you don’t have to move to the countryside now to counter it (although that in itself isn’t a bad option). By exploring alternative housing options in the city itself, you can make the most of your space. You are confined by the boundaries that you put yourself in. Just break those boundaries and endless creativity lies in front of you.  Furthermore, creativity doesn’t even require too much money. By opting for recycled construction material, you can save plenty on that too.

Most of us find it difficult to think beyond our regular houses and apartments with all modern amenities, security etc. But what was there before these modern living spaces? Believe it or not, there are still alternate housing options that are there and they are absolutely great. No, we are not telling you to live in tents or camps. But yes, there are options that make living once more complete fun and exciting. Check out these different and unique alternative housing options and explore the different homes that exist around us.

1. Shipping Containers as Homes

Shipping Containers

So what can you really do with shipping containers? Of course, it is shipping. But these shipping containers can do a little more than simply shipping post from one point to the other. The shipping containers are extremely durable and also quite strong. Making a home out of shipping containers can be complete fun. However, due to the durability factor, the cost of these shipping containers goes high. But, yet there is no reason why you can’t make a comfortable stay in this new style of housing. Now that can give the interior decorators some challenge in décor style.

2. Straw Bale

Straw Bale

One of the affordable housing ideas is by building structures out of straw bale. It is one of the most affordable structures for building homes. And it is much more comfortable than you think. There are a range of home structures that can build out of straw bale. Whether you are thinking of a small storage space or a home for a large family, with straw bale it is possible.

3. Pallet Home

Pallet Home

Can you imagine building a house, absolutely free of cost? No EMIs and heavy material costs! Well, it seems next to impossible in the expensive world of today. However, having a pallet home makes it work for you. In most parts of the world, pallets are free of cost or come at dirt cheap prices. Hence, it has become a popular choice for material when we think of alternative home building. If you are looking for a brief stay, then then pallet homes is one of the best choices you can make.

4. Earth bag as homes

Earth bag

One of the age old ways to building a home is by using earth bags. It is one of the easiest and the most economical ways of building alternative housing. The main concept of making homes from earth bag is that it acts like a good insulator and is least inexpensive. As far the durability is concerned, it is quite durable, but as compared to other alternative housing options it may score a little low.

5. Recycled Bottles

recycled bottles

The green revolution is here and it applies to the housing industry as well. With the green revolution there are many home building types that are generally ignored, are now coming into prominence. One such innovative alternate housing idea is the recycled bottles. The bottle structure is completely eco-friendly and also a unique type of home to live in. as for the materials, it is extremely cheap or even free.

6. Geodesic Domes

Geodesic Domes

If you take a peek into the history then we see different dome structures coming up. The dome structure for abodes is an extremely strong and powerful structure and is relatively easy to build. The cost involved and the process is also quite simple and inexpensive. Domes allow a lot of open spaces and let’s air flow throughout the house, making the temperature of the house consistent. The dome structure of the house is also very strong when it comes to wind and heavy snow because of its balanced and uniformly distributed strengths. If you find this structure of home interesting, then you can easily buy or even build a geodesic dome in almost no time.

7. Earth Berm

Earth Berm

If you have a big question mark on your face, then wipe it out right away. You can build homes from earth berm and it is extremely cost effective. It will do everything that a basic home structure is expected to do for you. So, if you are not hell bent on luxurious comfort, this housing alternative will work for you. Earth berm is also great in insulation and giving the protection you require from rough weather.

8. Homestead House by Michael Jantzen

homestead house 1

Designed by Michael Jantzen, the Homestead House is a design for alternative housing that explores the potential use of renewable energy generating systems and recyclable materials to reduce the carbon footprint of its owners. The modular house is to be made from recyclable steel sheets, which are to be bolted together for easy disassembly. This allows the homeowner to construct it with ease and in minimum time and with minimum cost.

Being easy to disassemble, the house can also be reconstructed at any preferred location without spending too much on the entire process. Once the steel arches are bolted together, they don’t require any additional material to hold the house together.

However, an additional structure made from lightweight gauge material is erected inside of the outer shell and cellulosic insulation made by grinding newspapers is inserted between the two structures to provide an adequate level of insulation.

The Homestead House is designed to function off-the-grid, where photovoltaic cells and a small vertical axis wind turbine generate the required amount of electricity to power the home. Other than on-site energy generating systems, the Homestead House harvests rainwater through the roof arches and directs it to water storage tanks that can be placed underground. Passive solar techniques are used to heat and cool the interiors according to seasons and the requirements of the homeowners.

So, select from these different housing alternatives available and experience living closer to nature in the most natural of ways.

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