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Green and eco friendly concrete countertops

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Concrete countertops whether it is in the kitchen, bathrooms or the living rooms in your home, they provide the much needed titivation to the interiors in your home. With people cutting across countries opting for eco friendly products and materials due to the detrimental effects of global warming, concrete countertops made from eco friendly materials are being most sought after. Read this article further to know more about concrete countertop options made from eco friendly materials.

Squak Mountain Stone

Squak Mountain Stone is made from eco friendly materials such as recycled glass, recycled paper and cement mixed with coal fly ash. The Squak Mountain Stone is used to make bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, tables, benches, furniture and flooring. Manufactured by a leading player in the countertop space, Tiger Mountain Innovations, the finished Squak Mountain stone concrete countertop has the finish of limestone or soapstone. They are available in a comprehensive range of colors, shades and sizes.

Trinity Glass

Trinity Glass concrete countertops are prepared from a mixture of recycled mixed paper, recycled ceramic, recycled porcelain, recycled glass and coal fly ash mixed with concrete cement. Available in a wide range of designs, shades and sizes, Trinity glass concrete countertops when installed add to the overall beauty of your kitchen rooms, desks, bathrooms and flooring. Preparation of Trinity glass concrete countertops is similar to the Squak mountain stone concrete countertops. The only difference is the usage of 75 percent recycled glass in the entire mixture. Trinity glass countertops are also manufactured by Tiger Mountain Innovations.


Icestone concrete countertops are made from a mixture involving cement, pigments and recycled glass. They are durable and water resistant. They are easily sustainable and are available in numerous colors, sizes and shapes. They provide a classic and elegant look to the room, in which they are fixed. They may be easily cleaned using water and detergent and must be waxed once in a while to provide it with an ever glowing look. They do not emanate toxic gases unlike its artificially generated counterparts.


Lithistone concrete countertops are made from a combination of recyclable glass, ceramic, porcelain, minerals and organic pigments. They are mildew resistant and are sturdy. These concrete countertops may be installed in your kitchen rooms, sinks, bathrooms and flooring to provide a natural look. They do not emanate greenhouse gases into your room and can withstand any room conditions. They are water proof and are available in various colors, designs, shapes and sizes. Manufactured by Lithistone LLC, lithistone concrete countertops beautify the homes of many in the United States and other countries.


Another eco friendly concrete countertop is the Syndecrate concrete countertop. Syndecrate
Countertops are prepared from a mixture of natural mineral fragments and recycled and remnant materials from post industrial and consumer based manufacturing processes. Like the other concrete countertops, Syndecrate countertops are available in all colors, patterns, sizes and shapes. They have a long lasting life, are easily maintainable and do not easily rind or crumb off.

Enviro Glas

Enviro Glas concrete countertops are prepared from recycled glass bottles, recycled porcelain and leftover glass from consumer or industrial glass based processes. They provide a mosaic style and are sturdy. They are recyclable at the end of their life and do not emanate any toxic gases. They are less expensive and are available in various shades, shapes, designs and sizes. Enviro Glas concrete countertops are the preferred choice of many home owners and businesses across the globe.


Terrazzo countertops are made from a blend of recycled materials such as recycled porcelain, ceramic and glass or leftover glass, ceramic or porcelain from industrial or domestic processes and mixed with concrete cement and coal fly ash, a byproduct of coal. They may be installed in any area of your home and provide a sophisticated look. They are sustainable and do not break off. They are cost efficient and are recyclable at the end their life. Terrazzo concrete countertops are water absorbent and fungus resistant. They can be cleaned easily with water and detergent. Terrazzo countertops come in a wide range of designs, sizes, shapes and tints.


As people around the world opt for products made from eco friendly materials, many more variants of eco friendly concrete countertops are sure to arrive in the market in the days to come. Eco friendly concrete countertops not only aid in environmental conservation, but are also less expensive. They are recyclable and add to a greener living experience. They do not emanate any toxic gases into your home and are durable. So, while choosing countertops for your home, do remember to choose eco friendly countertops and contribute your bit towards environmental preservation and conservation.

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