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Green and serene: Melissa Joy Manning’s Earth friendly jewelry technology

by Ecofriend1874

Love for environment must be common in all human beings as if the air we breathe is not pure then it is only we who will suffer the consequences. People are becoming aware of the fact that the environment is facing innumerable threats from problems like pollution and deforestation. People all around the world are becoming more conscious and aware plus they are beginning to adopt eco friendly methods of living. Environment friendly techniques or they can also be called green methods can be witnessed in all spheres of life. Businesses all over the world are going green and becoming a friend of the planet rather than being on the other side.


Now-a-days you will find many eco friendly products in the market such as electronics, cars and other gadgets. One thing most people would find to hard to imagine is eco friendly jewelry but that is not difficult at all as there are such jewelry pieces available in the market. Environment friendly jewelry has many benefits plus it has got a lot of style and trend. Melissa Manning who happens to be a jewelry designer owns a business that deals with green jewelry.


Her love for the environment along with her love for jewelry comes together beautifully in the form of exquisite jewelry pieces. She has been in this business for a long time now and has extended some extraordinary designs to the people. People who refused to believe in the idea of eco friendly jewelry do not only believe now but they have become fans of the idea. Melissa said that being environment friendly is the core idea of her jewelry business and she aims at keeping it that way and also growing further in the area.


For Melissa Manning, going green is definitely not a way to gain publicity but it is what she feels from the heart. The jewelry designer believes that preserving the environment is her social responsibility and she is glad that she has the power to do her bit for the planet. Melissa has received worldwide recognition for her work and dedication and she has also got the US Congressional Recognition. The materials used by Melissa to make the jewelry are acquired by methods that pose the minimum possible threat to the environment.


One example of the above written statement is that the gems used in her jewelry are acquired by the companies that follow the ecological practices and standards. Another wonderful thing about the jewelry by Melissa Manning is that all the pieces in silver and gold are manufactured from cent percent recycled materials plus the production scrap goes back for further recycling. The metals utilized in the process are refined in such a manner that all the gases are filtered, the liquid waste is around seventy five percent less plus the water used is recycled all through the procedure.




Everything is literally unique about the jewelry pieces made by Melissa Manning like each and every piece of jewelry is made by traditional methods which pose the least threat to the environment. If the modern machinery will be used then it will definitely prove to be harmful for the planet. One main to understand here is that going green is a wonderful thing but it comes with a price. With growing competition in the market one has to be extra quick and smart and if you are using traditional methods then you are bound to work a lot harder. But against all odds and difficulties Melissa Manning has emerged as one of the successful jewelry designers who loves her work and also loves and respects the environment.

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