Go Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

Evan a vacation which is fun to you might be harmful for the environment. Planning an eco-friendly vacation minimizes that possibility.


Go Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

Being eco-friendly in every little thing you do goes a long way in doing your bit for the safety of this planet. Whether it is in the things you eat, or the mode of transport you choose to travel, you can keep doing that bit every time you do something. So why should your holiday be any different? Try out these few tips in order to gain most out of your eco-friendly vacation and reduce your carbon –footprint.

  • Choose a fun destination/s – Vacations do not have to be very far off from your home. You can choose a destination in your own country and take trains and do cross-country travelling. Such ‘road trips’ are more fun. They give you a view of the terrain and endow you with picturesque beauty. Travelling by airplanes is the most harmful method of travelling since it emits a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. Avoid travelling by planes as much as you can and never take a flight unless you absolutely have to.
  • Choose an eco-friendly hotel/resort – Spend some time on the internet and do some research on eco-friendly hotels or resorts in the places where you are headed to. This requires minimal effort. Since it is a bonus point, hotels will mention it on their websites that it is eco-friendly. However do read reviews on the hotel of fellow-travellers who have stayed there earlier. This will give you a better idea if the hotel is actually eco-friendly.


  • Choose transport wisely – Once you reach the place , go around and experience first-hand the local flavor by walking, cycling or by buses and trains. This will give you a better idea about the place as you get to interact more with the locals.  Also, you will minimize your carbon-footprint.
  • Minimal luggage- Pack smart . When you travel lightly and have only one bag of luggage, you can get around places more easily and will not require cabs, taxis , etc to take you around. Heavy luggage of travelers also emits a lot of carbon into the atmosphere.
  • Practice eco-friendly habits – As an eco-aware traveler , make sure you do all those little things which matter. Unplug the charger after use, switch off all electrical appliances when not in the room or when you do not require them. Wash your clothes by hand rather than handing them over to the dry-cleaners and use water wisely.

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