Eco-friendly hair removal

Going green incorporating eco-friendly practices everyday . Even an activity like removing body hair can be done in an eco-friendly manner.



Eco-friendly hair removal

There is a lot of debate as to whether people should remove body hair, since it is the ‘greenest’ way there is. Eco-friendly people are more conscious about saving resources and want to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. But it does not have to be at the cost of vanity. Removal of hair is essential to many, if not all and there is a possibility of going eco-friendly whilst you are at it.

  • Get rid of the razors -Billions of disposable razors are dumped everyday increasing the landfills. This is a lot of plastic to get rid of and in fact will take the planet a billion years to get rid of or never. You can get a straight razor for removal of hair. Although it can be a bit difficult to handle, it will be one step forward towards minimizing plastic use. You can also keep a razor and use it for as long as possible. There are razors whose heads can be removed to put in a new blade. At least you will be minimizing plastic on the handle.


  • Wax– There are many natural waxes which get rid of hair easily. You do not always have to opt for paraffin waxes. Waxing reduces usage of shaving cream and plastic. One of the added advantages of waxing is also its effective for a very long time unlike razors. There are many eco-friendly hair-removal waxes which are available nowadays. They are derived after research and formulas which break down the wax into compost in a few days time. You can also go eco-friendly in the spatulas you use when you apply wax on your body. Use bamboo instead of wood. Bamboo trees grow a lot faster than other trees and is a renewable resource.


  • Electric razors – At the first look, electric razors might seem anything but eco-friendly but they win because of a lot of other factors. You buy an electric razor and immediately avoid a lot of disposable razors that you would bought otherwise which would have increased landfills. Going electric saves up on the most important natural resource i.e. water. It also minimizes the costs incurred in getting a shave every other day. If you are not comfortable using up electricity, try going for battery operated ones. One which uses solar-rechargeable batteries will be perfect for this purpose.

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