Global Warming and other factors affecting the Planet- the Millennials speak out


Global Warming has everyone concerned- but none more so than the millennial generation.  The ever changing pattern of the climate- not relegated to just a continent or time zone, is being observed and felt by everyone. And because we live in this day and age of instant and constant news updates, everyone in all corners of the planet becomes aware of it. Let’s have a closer look:

Surveys and Polls

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Surveys are a fantastic way to gather what the masses think and feel. The Gulf states recently conducted one, asking the millennial generation of their region how they felt about the future. 92% stated that Global Warming was not only imminent but a major concern. Another notable result stated that only around half trusted the major corporations and companies to do anything about it. Clearly, all the green marketing campaigns by these agencies and conglomerates aren’t having the desired effect on the younger generation, at least not as much as they would have hoped.

Another point to note is that, out of the surveyed nations (surveyed were UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar) clearly the younger generation does not have much faith in their government. A staggering 77 percent trusted non-government agencies and organizations to look at climate change and do something about it, rather than their own policy makers and nation runners.

Global warming is an issue faced by the entire world at large. The world economic forums annual survey, which involved 26,000 volunteers from 181 countries (all millennial), proved just that. The survey asked the young generation about the issues that concern them the most, and not surprisingly, destruction of natural resources and climate change topped the list. It ranked higher than topics like large scale war and religious conflicts with 45.2% stating that this was the biggest concern for them and their future.

Effects of Global warming- a stark reality


Apart from the changing weather pattern and the seasonal disparity, Global warming poses a threat by way of sea level rising, and not just millennial folks but everyone is all too aware of this fact. An ice sheet breaking off Antarctica is seen by millions of people around the globe. This rise in sea level poses a threat to coastal cities like Miami, Ho Chi Minh city or Mumbai which are all densely populated.  Catastrophic calamities aside, Global warming is also proving to be something of an economic burden, especially for the younger generation. According to stats, the millennial generation as a whole will stand to lose approximately 8.8 trillion dollars due to climate changes and its repercussions.

Why the concern by this age demography?


A question may be asked: why is it that the present millennial generation is more concerned about global warming than the previous ones.

It could be because the true picture of the devastation is only coming out now. With technology evolving rapidly it is also much faster and easily accessible everywhere as opposed to the days of television news which would usually put a snippet about climate change as an afterthought. Loss of biodiversity and deforestation has taken a toll, and pictures of such events circulate around the globe. And as the saying goes: A picture says more than a thousand words. Of course the biggest concern is population explosion. No other generation really had to worry about the fact that the planet is severely overburdened. A millennial, whose entire life lies ahead understands this, is worried.

Other factors

Fossil fuel

There are other factors that concern a millennial. Fossil fuel for example is one that has the future generation concerned. The reason green industry has imploded recently is due to the fact that non renewable energy isn’t going to last forever, and what is worse is that, in its own way, it affects the ecological system with the green house effect. Food and water security is another concern and so is poverty. As the population explodes, so does the rate of consumption and usage. And so does the number of people living below the poverty line.

The millennial generation is educated, well read and has a deep sense of responsibility and it can be seen by the manner in which they direct their opinion.

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