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Green Buildings Created Out Of Science Fiction

by Ecofriend1874

Buildings which are constructed using environmentally responsible and resource-efficient are known as Eco-friendly or green building. Here not only the construction process but everything from exterior to interior designs is done using environmentally responsible and resource-efficient only. These buildings have better architecture and is very energy saving leading to reduction in global warming. There are many such constructions all over the world, like Zira Island Master plan, Baku, Azerbaijan.


Science fiction is a type of literature with believable creative content such as futuristic science and technology, space travel, etc. There are many such constructions all over the world, like Agora Theatre – Lelystad, Netherlands.


In today’s world everyone in this world is concerned about the rising global warming and are trying to find ways to reduce it in every possible way. In this situation some architects have come with the idea of a new concept where the futuristic creativity of science fiction is combined with the environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction process and some unthinkable structures are created.


Some famous structures where science fiction is mixed with the environment are:


The Bahrain World Trade Center


It is popularly known as Bahrain WTC. It is 787 ft high, a 50 storey twin tower structure situated in Manama, Bahrain. It was built by Dr. Doom from Atkins in 2008. The towers are connected through three sky bridges each supporting a 95 ft long wind turbine having a power production capability of 225kW. The sail-shape of the building is so designed so that it can channel wind through the gap in order to provide accelerated wind to the turbines. The shape of the building also increases the efficiency of the turbines. In spite of running for half the total time the turbines are capable of generating enough power to light approximately 300 homes every day.


The California Academy of the Sciences


The academy was formed in 1853. In 1989 during the Loma Prieta earthquake the academy suffered huge damage and needed total renovation. Renzo Piano undertook the designing the architect for the museum. The main focus was on the environmentally friendly design. The building spread over an area of 20000 cubic yard, was made using recycled steel beams, recycled blue jeans were in the insulation and recycled scent of patchouli oil is used room-freshener in the halls. The new building produces 50 % less water waste, recycles rainwater for irrigation, uses 60,000 photovoltaic cells, have a green roof with an area of 2.5 acres and 90% of occupied spaces are lighted through the natural sun light.

Nanyang Technological University Art School


The University was established in the year 1991. It consists of 3 buildings. The design is similar to the architecture of California Academy of the Sciences. The buildings have grass -and-earth roof which insulates the building. The roof is so designed so that it can collect rainwater which replaces the air conditioners. The floor also gets natural lighting from every angle thus saves 120000 kW hr of energy every year.



Spain’s Power Tower

In 2006 a company near Seville started Europe’s first commercial solar thermal power plant which produces household electricity using solar power capable to supply 11 megawatts of power to over 6,000 homes. The plant in 2013 will be capable to supply power to 180,000 houses. The giant tower eclipses 600 specifically angled mirrors, which in turn reflect the sun rays directly towards a single point near the tower’s roof. Through which a network of water pipes runs. When sunlight falls it gets superheated resulting hot steam runs a series of turbines. The turbines continue to run even after sun set for approximately an hour.


These structures show the imaginative capacity of the human beings combined with the urge to save the environment.

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