Getting the basics right before you get solar water heaters

Solar water heater

Water heating is one of the main reasons that shoot up the electricity bills in winters. You need warm water for bathing, washing and cleaning dishes. It is a necessity and one cannot curb its use without putting the comfort of family members at risk. Solar powered water heaters are a solution to this problem. They can heat water without raising your electricity bills.

In one year, a single 80-gallon water heater emits around 6,600 pounds of carbon dioxide. This dangerous Green House Gas is not just pollutes the atmosphere but also triggers the global warming. Solar water heaters are safe for the environment, as they do not emit carbon dioxide and thus, help reduce your carbon footprint.

Why install solar water heaters solar water heaters benefits (1)

Homeowners have started looking for viable eco-friendly solutions that will help in reducing their electricity bills, while keeping the environment clean. By installing solar powered water heater, you can reduce your energy bills by almost 50%. The homeowners who do not install solar powered water heaters because of the upfront costs should realize that despite being costlier, these heaters help save money in the long run.

The solar water heaters come with an auxiliary tank that runs on gas or oil. This is to ensure that you get enough warm water on rainy and cloudy days. Just like the traditional water heaters, the solar water heaters too have sturdy water tanks that do not require much maintenance to perform well and last long.

How to calculate the savings calculate the savings

There is no quick way of calculating the savings one can make by installing solar powered water heater. However, you can definitely make an estimate by considering a few points. The money that you can save will depend on the amount of water you use at home, the performing abilities of the solar powered water heater and the geographic location of your home.

Both active solar water heaters and passive solar water heaters are available in the market these days. The solar powered water heaters are also viable for corporate offices. It is also advisable that you opt for energy star solar water heaters for better performance and reliability. 

Solar powered water heaters can decrease your energy bills and help in keeping environment safer and greener. These water heaters are as durable as the traditional water heaters and help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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