Gear up for an experience with nature with the Tentsile

To own a treehouse is every child’s dream. Sometimes, that dream stays with us even as adults. There’s a certain attraction about having one’s own space up in the trees and trying to get close to nature. Tree houses combine all the things children and adults love: fun, the outdoors and a sense of well-being. Alas, not all of us live in places with lush trees, putting a damper on our dream to ape arboreal beings. But thanks to a team of designers and their creation called Tentsile, urban folk can enjoy what their counterparts in the countryside have been doing for years. The portable tree house is a versatile creation that can be assembled in less than half an hour and set up just about anywhere.

Portable Tree Houses

Unlike a traditional tree house, the Tensile imitates the shape and form of a tent and a hammock. It’s made of a collapsible frame of webbing straps which are fire retardant, PU UV and water resistant polyester infill panels, and has odd looking inverted pyramids with cords from each of its three points. These cords can be attached to trees or can also be routed back to the base of the Tentsile. The only point of ground contact allows comfort with a level floor in almost any terrain.

The Tentsile’s raised position offers protection from the cold ground, snakes, insects and other predators too. It comes in three models that can accommodate two, five and eight people, the last of which is large enough for a double bed. The three arms of the portable tree house contain a hammock, with separate storage area and weigh between 35-45 kilograms.

The Tentsile, aside from being a useful recreational zone, can also be used by biological researchers who need to move through nature. Its moderate weight allows it to be carried with relative ease, making it perfect for nature lovers.

Via: Treehugger

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