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Toyota’s ultralight small gasoline hybrid, the FT-Bh

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FT-Bh or Future Toyota B-Segment Hybrid, is a next generation electric hybrid that was launched at the 82nd Geneva International Motor Show. According to TMC, there are two alternative versions of the car; one that will run on compressed natural gas (CNG) with CO2 emissions of 38g/km, and, the other one is a plug in hybrid version that has CO2 emissions of 19g/km.

Toyota introduces next-generation B-segment hybrid

For the FT-Bh, TMC has followed the policy of weight reduction, thereby reducing air resistance and also making the powertrain more efficient. This way it will consume only 2.1 liters for every 100 kilometers, which is almost half the present average observed to be delivered by other B-segment cars. A diverse range of other factors too have contributed in lowering the fuel consumption, these have been elaborated below.

The foremost aspect to be considered is the weight of the car, which surprisingly stands as low as 786kg. The body of the car is made from high tensile strength steel and high expansion foam material for reduced internal weight.

The four seater car features the 145/55R18 tires. These tires have a comparatively larger diameter and narrower width; therefore, providing greater air resistance and also contributing in weight reduction. This also reduces the thermal capacity required to maintain the interior temperatures. Further to manage temperature, an ‘air zoning’ system has been installed and it regulates the areas that require temperature management.

For enhancing the efficiency of the powertrain, a long stroke 1.0 liter, two cylinder Atkinson cycle gasoline engine has been used. The engine has been further integrated with an improved and more efficient hybrid system. The reduced standby power requirements and the adoption of LED lighting system, save considerable amounts of power. All this when taken as a whole contributes in the overall reduction of power consumption.

The above account, although brief, has elucidated how the FT-Bh is an ultimate hybrid that combines advanced aerodynamics with ultra lightness.

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