Future Perfect: Intelligent windows to reduce energy consumption at home

Intelligent Window

What’s happening right now?

Energy prices are soaring up. Conventional energy sources are fast depleting. It is high time we should start to depend more on alternative energy options and sources in our households. More greatly, we can reduce the usage of energy in our houses through some architectural modifications. Many proven methods are there, which will help you intelligently produce alternative energy form various sources, and keep your house away from excessive energy consumption. Windows and other ventilation have great importance in the construction of a house. You can resolve many of temperature issues with better management in the very placement of those air and wind outlets of your house. This article is talking about the importance of possible use of windows to keep your home warm with less energy consumption.


1. Octillion


Octillion Corp. has designed a wonderful Solar Window that can harvest power from sunlight. It is a lucid glass window with Nano-Power Technology. The silicon nano-particles in the window will help generate power from sun. You can set up the window in your house and office. Along with enjoying the breeze of nature, you can now enjoy the power from sun with the window.

2. KSD Solar Diode Window


KSD Solar Diode Window is the best solution to warm up your rooms. This method is meant to keep the warmth in/out of your rooms. The window keeps your house cool in summer with its green side. In winter, the window brings down the heat loss. The KSD window does these tasks using the warmth from sun and winds. This window can rotate in 180 degrees within seconds, and can also protect you from sound up to 38dba etc.

3. Solar windows that produce energy

Solar Window

Placing solar panels on rooftops is monotonous these days. Technologists are busily developing methods to make solar panels as much user-friendly as possible. It is part of such an attempt a transparent solar panel glass called China Hua has been designed in China. You can deploy these soar glasses in your windows and on rooftops, as well. The result is that you get ample natural light, and power from solar panels to light your home in night. Chin Hua solar window that can produce 2W of light was exhibited at the Taipei’s International Optoelectronic Week.

4. Solar-powered Smarter Shade windows


Smarter Shade is a solar cell featured frame pane that you can use in your windows, rooftops to produce power from sun. What makes these transparent windowpanes special is that they can bring natural light into your bedrooms, offices and living rooms. In addition, you can store the power the integrated solar panels generate in batteries for use in nighttime.

The concept

Intelligent use of windows to generate power and to bring natural light and coolness is a great concept. With the wide usage of transparent solar glasses or other methods in your ventilation, you can enjoy multiple benefits. Primarily, you can utilize sunlight to light up your house in daytime. And, the solar panels on the windows will harvest power from the sun, which you can use to illuminate your house in nighttime. As a result of both, your power bill will go down remarkably. At the end of the day, you will become a person, who cares the nature and earth greatly well.

The advantages

Better light-up and warmth in daytime

If you convert your windows to energy-saving and natural light and wind attracting ones, you can enjoy better light-up and warmth in daytime. You can save energy used for bulbs and air conditioners or fans.

Solar energy: The significance of solar energy is on increase. In a time, the conventional sources of energy are shrinking you will reap alternative power through the solar-powered windows. You can keep your electricity bills down thanks to such methods.

Eco-factor: Using such windows, you become a lover of the environment. Your guests will find out your affection and care towards the nature, which will increase your pride.

Natural wind and light-up: With the transparent solar glasses, you can enjoy everything natural in your house. Better warmth and light from nature add value to your efforts.

The Impact

Your adoption of energy efficient cooling technologies not only helps the nature, but also your pockets. Your electricity bill will be lower than you used to pay after the introduction of such methods. Above all, you contribute what is possible for you to reduce our carbon footprint by emitting less carbon dioxide into the air.

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