5 Most innovative green projects around the world

Green Energy

Green technology is the future technology to tackle the power shortage and to preserve our environment from pollution. Lot of government and private organizations are coming up with new innovative ideas to boast the green technology. As the population and industries are increasing rapidly, the demand for power is on the rise.

Let us discuss the 5 best innovative green projects around the world.

1. Solar power tower

Solar Power Tower are used to receive the focused sunlight from the mirrors. There are lot of solar power towers constructed around the world to generate power. The PS20 Solar Power Plant at Seville in Andalusia, Spain is the most powerful solar power tower in the world. It generates 20 MW power with the help of large movable mirrors. Mirrors are named as Heliostats, which are focused toward the Solar Power Tower. It was opened in 2009 after making lot of changes to the earlier PS10 plant. It has higher-efficiency receiver and a better energy storage system. It consists of 1,254 mirrored heliostats. Heliostats are used to reflect the solar radiation from the sun and it transmits to the receiver, placed on the top of a 166 m solar power tower. It produces steam which runs the turbine and produces the electricity. New projects are on the cards, if they are implemented then those power plants will supply power to 180,000 homes in Seville.

2. Bahrain world trade center with wind turbine

240 m high twin tower complex named Bahrain World Trade Center was opened in 2008 is a best example for innovation. It was built with three wind turbine with a total capacity of 675kW. These three wind turbines contribute 10 to 15% of twin towers overall consumption and with the overall production of 1.1 GWh a year. Turbines are placed between two towers faced toward Persian gulf. It has received lot of awards for sustainability and innovation. One of the main award was LEAF award for Best Use of Technology within a Large Scheme.

3. Solar-powered Kurilpa Bridge

Solar-powered Kurilpa Bridge located in Brisbane was opened in 2009 for public transportation. It is the largest solar powered foot bridge in the world. It is also featured with LED lights powered by sunlight. Since LED light consumes less power, it is used for various festivals and occasions along the river. It consists of 84 solar panels with a capacity of 100 KWh per day and 38 MWh every year which is enough to power 80-100% of the energy needs of the bridge. It saves 38 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. After this bridge, many bridges around the world are going for solar power.

4. Solar furnace at Odeillo

A solar furnace captures the sunlight to produce high temperatures, which is mostly used by industries for producing and testing the materials. Curved array of mirrors like a parabolic reflector is placed for concentrating the light onto a center focus point. Solar furnace at Odeillo, France is the world’s largest solar furnace producing a heat of 3500 degree Celsius. This furnace is used to produce hot air for testing the new advanced solar towers, to produce hydrogen, to test the materials which are to be used in Spacecrafts and in nuclear plants, to test and produce different kinds of nano materials. It consists of 10,000 mirrors to bounce the sunlight toward the focus point.

5. Wind farm

Wind farm is a group of turbines to produce electricity on large scale. Each farm will cover an extended area of hundreds of square miles and the land between the wind mills can be used for agriculture or any other purposes. It may be On shore or Off shore, On shore wind mills will receive more winds. Roscoe Wind Farm located in Texas, USA is the largest wind farm in the world with a capacity of 781.5 MW. It consists of 627 wind turbines of 1 MW capacity each, constructed in four phases. It supplies power of 250,000 homes in Texas.

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