A guide to the most eco friendly wine

Beverages are a vital part of any meal and when that beverage is as delicious as wines then people find it hard to resist. Wine is made from grapes and it is a much known fact but what is little known is the fact that the whole making process of wine involves use of harmful pesticides. Such harmful and toxic pesticides are also used while producing variety of crops as well and they transform these crops into something that is not at all good for health of the people and the planet.

It is true that some wines are made by using pesticides but not all of them and some of them are indeed organic and healthy. You need to learn about these eco friendly wines so that the next time when you go wine shopping then you know which one to buy and from where. Let us discuss some points and ways by which you can contribute in saving the environment and buy yourself eco friendly wine.

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Imported grapes are the culprit when we talk about sustainable wines and if you want to avoid buying those not so natural wines then you must search the local stores. These local stores will have the wines that are locally and most probably with natural products and grapes. This will not only help your health but also save the planet on a whole. Apart from the health benefits that you avail from buying local wine you also tend to promote and encourage the local wine shops that are running in your town.

So you see that buying wine from a local wine shop has more than one benefit and these benefits will apply to many people as well. Another thing that you must notice while shopping for wine is an organic label on the bottle. The organic wine is made from only natural ingredients and there are no chances of any harmful content in them. Therefore if you are looking for a sure shot way of avoiding wine with harmful chemicals then go for wine that has certified organic label on it.


You also need to be familiar with the term biodynamic wine. Biodynamic wine is not a commonly known term especially for those who are hardly concerned with this matter. However if you want to make the right choice and pick the eco friendly bottle of wine then you have to be familiar with the term biodynamic. The biodynamic agricultural practices make sure that the farmers growing grapes for wine do not use even the pesticides that are natural in nature. Due to this practice the farmers need to grow their crops in a completely clean environment so that they do not require any kind of pesticides for their crops.


If you think that all wines are vegan then you are nothing but wrong as some of them do go through procedures during their filtration process that are not vegan at all. Almost all wines undergo these procedures in order to get infiltrated but these days most of the winemakers are turning away from such practices. The use of any kind of animal products in the filtration process is not the desired practice by most winemakers these days.

So by now you would have understood a lot about eco friendly wines and how to get them. Therefore the next time you go shopping for wines always make sure to buy the eco friendly ones. By doing so you will benefit your health no doubt but you will also contribute towards the betterment of the environment.

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