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Funky lamps made from conked out washing machine parts

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Liven up your surroundings the eco friendly way with lighting units made by a Portuguese designer named To Martins. The lamps have been brought to life using recycled washing machine parts, which would otherwise never be used and thrown in junkyards.

Salvaged Laundry Machine Lighting

The designer came up with these brilliant designs under the REWASHLAMP Project, which is worth taking a close glance, because of the beauty of the creation and the green tag that it carries. The re-purposed styling will leave onlookers impressed as they get swayed in the aura of these funky lamps. The designer has skillfully used the inner barrels of washing machines that had broken down and were of no use at all. The lamps rest on a base, which is a tripod stand used by photographers to capture perfect images. The use of tripod in the design will let users adjust the height of the lamp as per their whims and fancies.

The environmentally friendly lamp shades look vivacious as they come wrapped around spare machine parts, which had been thrown away. The aesthetically appealing design is further made flamboyant by ornamenting it with a variety of materials, colors and textures. These chic shades can be kept just anywhere, like offices, libraries, bedrooms or living rooms. REWASHLAMP will enliven the area with its warm aura in no time and will prove to be a fashion as well as green accessory. From cleaning clothes to brightening up dwellings, the washing machine parts have definitely come a long way.

Via: Trendhunter

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