Fundraising for hometown by performing in a green suit made out of mirrors

Artists around the world have their own style to exhibit and use their art. They choose their own materials from junk to useful ones and turn them into true innovative masterpieces. For an example lots of onlookers got a smile with a ray of light dancing on their faces yesterday morning when Logan Elliot and his assistant Adele Cleverley.posed in Cashel St’s Restart Mall in their suit made out of mirrors. Elliot is a performer at a creative performance company named Highly Flammable based in Wellington and Dunedin. In morning when he was on his way up north he decided to stop and raise funds for his hometown, Christchurch. He put on his mirror suit and gave a busking performance hoping that the passerby will be allured to it and put some money into hat.


Can’t say how successful Elliot was in getting that done, but the suit itself is a green innovative piece of art in which plastic mirrors are used efficiently. When asked about the suit Elliot told that Rohana Weaver, a former resident of Christchurch who now lives in Dunedin has designed this suit by using thousands of plastic mirrors. It took about 200 hours in its making and though he never weighed it, but the suit is comparatively heavy. In beginning it took 45 minutes to put the suit on, but now due to practice it takes only 15 minutes to wear it. The difficult part is that the pants don’t bend so you have to sit down, squirm and twist to get into them.

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