Five tips that will make your organic lawn dazzle

You have probably heard about organic farming, and its role in preserving natural resources. Organic farming is environmentally friendly in nature and does not use pesticides or fertilizers. If you maintain your lawn or garden in an eco-friendly manner and do not use polluting substances, then your gardening style will also be considered organic. For this, you must learn some simple tricks and start utilizing the natural resources optimally. Remember that wasting water and polluting soil will only decrease the value of your own surroundings. Here are some tips to keep your lawn well tended, and its soils and plants healthy:


Treat your soil as a living being

Soil is a sensitive natural resource that helps us in a thousand ways. It is necessary for sustaining life. Do consider your garden or lawn soil to be a living creature and show more humanity towards it. Chemical fertilizers are injurious for the health of the soil. They not only damage the soil but also prevent the natural and healthy growth of the grass and plants. Rely on natural manure to keep your soil healthy.

Weeding A Corner of the Vegetable Garden

Make sure that you test your soil’s health

Just like our body, the soil also requires the right amount of nutrients. You should send a sample of your lawn soil for screening and find out which minerals it lacks. After that, you will be able to provide the right kind of manure to the ground. The soil may require nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus but you will understand it only after testing.


The right grass for your soil

There is a great variety of different grasses that can be used on your lawn. You have to choose the most suitable grass species for your soil. The wrong variety of grass can ruin your soil. Despite similar appearance, not all grass species are alike. Some are sun tolerant, and some need shade to grow, some need regular watering and some are drought resistant by nature.

White clover

White clover is beneficial

Contrary to the popular urban belief, white clover is not a weed. It is a beneficial plant that helps in increasing the fertility level of your soil. It is even referred to as the fertilizer factory of nature.

Digging The Vegetable Garden

Utilize your kitchen and yard waste

Do not throw away kitchen litter or the yard waste. You should start recycling them by making natural compost for your garden and lawn. This way you will reduce the amount of waste and make your gardens more fertile.

Dog and Cat

Be kind to the pests

Not all pests are bad though you might find some to be ugly. If you are kind towards the pests then you can save your pets and kids from the harmful side effects of chemical pesticides. Pick your pest battles carefully.


These simple organic tips can help you in making your lawn more eco-friendly. Health and nature conscious people are turning towards organic gardening.

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