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Five simple tips for saving gas and food while cooking

by Ecofriend1874

Cooking is a part of our daily life. It is a daily practice, which, if controlled in the right way, can conserve sufficient energy. As the price of cooking fuel is rising rapidly, saving fuel can amount to saving substantial sum of money. The petroleum gas (LPG) or the natural gas are used for cooking purpose at homes and restaurants. Acquiring this type of fuel is easy and better than burning logs or coa. That’s why using fuels optimally for cooking is important for all of us.

Five easy ways to eat well and save energy

  1. Go Organic

Opt for chemical free food. The so-called fresh vegetables and fruits that you get from the local supermarkets contain many harmful chemicals. To meet the needs of a growing population, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are abundantly used in agriculture. In organic farming, farmers use no synthetic chemicals. Buying such products will keep you healthier and promote greener ways of cultivation. The organic products like milk, eggs, and veggies taste much better than those produced by commercial farms. Buy fresh veggies and herbs from your local farmers. This way you will help them earn their wages and get better products.

2.     Recycle Your Leftovers

Don’t dunk your leftovers in the kitchen dustbin, rather do something deliciously creative with them. Planning and preparing for your meals can save a lot of fuel too. Cut and chop the veggies and meat for cooking before turning the stove on. Use the leftover roasted chicken for making yummy sandwich or put them in a new gravy or soup. The kitchen wastes can be used as natural fertilizer for your kitchen garden. Raid your refrigerator for leftover veggies, use them up for making a nice veg-stock, and preserve it in a nice glass bottle for later use.

3.     Buy Metal Cooking Utensils

As metals are great conductors of heat, they use less energy for cooking food faster. Clay pots take long time to absorb heat. Invest in ovenproof cookware. Cooking in energy efficient microwave will save lots of energy and reduce your cooking fuel costs. Don’t buy cooking utensils which have a shiny exterior.


4.     Use the Pressure Cooker

You can cook many dishes with the help of the pressure cooker. Pressure cooker is a very energy efficient appliance. Pressure cooker boils water at a greater temperature by locking the steam inside it and raising the pressure on the water.

5.     Choose Healthy Food

Eating fresh fruits instead of aerated colas and chips will keep you fit and reduce pollution. The processing of packaged foods and beverages emits many pollutants in the environment and also raises the environmental temperature.

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