Five reasons you should be driving an electric car only

Electric cars are becoming quite the rage these days. And if you are wondering as to what makes these cars so popular, here is a list of reasons which would probably make you ditch your petrol/diesel car to an electric one as soon as possible!


Potential Money Savers

Not many people know that electric cars can save you plenty of money, not only in the fuel department, but in the maintenance department as well. Electric cars use only electricity to run (with the exception of hybrid varieties that can also run on fuel), and so, can save you almost 75 percent of the money you pay for fuel every year.

The absence of the need for fuel also makes these cars avoid standard maintenance issues common with petrol/diesel cars. These include routine replacement of fuel filters, oil changes and emissions testing etc.

Apart from the battery, the only other major features of an electric car happen to be the braking system and the drive train. This simplicity would also mean lesser repairs and lower maintenance costs. Recent developments have ensured that the most expensive part of the electric car, the battery, would run for longer periods, thereby eliminating the need to change it frequently.

Charging Feasibilities

One of the greatest advantages to driving an electric car is that you can charge it anywhere. In addition to using public charging stations for the same, you can also opt to charge the vehicle at home or at the workplace. Charging them overnight can also reduce the energy consumption to a great extent. Cars fitted with solar panels just need to be left out under the sun to recharge. This surely beats driving around in circles, desperately trying to find a petrol/diesel station before you run out of fuel.

Quiet Rides

If you think a petrol/diesel car runs smoothly sans any noise, you definitely need to wait until you drive an electric one! These cars are literally noiseless as they drive through the traffic. And unless the braking mechanism or the drive train needs fixing, you will enjoy a hassle free, noiseless ride; which is more than what we can say for petrol/diesel cars that start giving out funny noises as and when they are about to run out of fuel.

Easy on the Economy

Electric cars can greatly help a country’s economy as well. Consider this scenario! Countries that have limited fuel resources would have to buy the same from other countries. And this would cost the nation a huge amount in terms of transportation and carbon footprints.

Electric cars on the other hand would minimize the demand for fuel, thereby making it unnecessary for the nation to buy fuel from other nations. And this in turn, would boost the country’s own economy (minimizing debts to other countries).

Environment Friendly

We kept the best part for last! Did you know that every year, nearly 33% of the greenhouse gas emissions are from various modes of transport? And a staggering 60% of those emissions come from personal-use petrol/diesel vehicles.

Electric cars reduce carbon emissions to a great extent. And even though the electricity needed for these cars is generated from coal, alternative forms of electricity generation in the form of renewable power programs, have made these cars nearly without any environmental footprint.



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