Simple tips to create an environmentally friendly bathroom

Do you want to add a touch of green to your bathroom? It is all about a few simple and easy steps. If you keep the following tips in your mind and put your efforts accordingly, you can easily create an environmentally friendly bathroom. Go through them:


Freshen it by clearing the air

Bathroom is the most humid place in our house. If we do not ventilate it properly, it might develop mold and spread skin infections (allergies, rashes, etc.) as well as respiratory problems (asthma, coughing, breathing trouble, etc.). Hence, take initiative to clear the air out of your bathroom to make it eco-friendly. You can keep your windows open, install a regular fan and mount exhaust vents to increase the dryness of the place and prevent the growth of molds. If there are toxic molds, you should opt for bleach. Otherwise, simply place oxygen-generating plants like spider plant, hornwort, elodea, etc. in your bathroom and purify the air naturally.

Try to preserve water

If you want to turn your bathroom into an environmentally friendly one in a cost-effective way, nothing can be better for you than conserving water. All you need to do is to develop some habits that would avert you from wasting water and you can save thousands gallons monthly this way. Choose a low-flow shower for your bathroom, check all your leaky spouts, and make sure that the tap is turned off during brushing, and so on. Simple. Isn’t it?

Increase Efficiency through Replacement

By making your latrine green, you can save as much as $90 per year. However, you have to replace or retrofit it properly for this purpose. Start with your commode. Switch to a newer model with less flow (sometimes even lower than 1.3 gallons in each flush). A composting toilet can also do wonder. You can also install an adjustable flush handle in your present commode. On the other hand, drop some pebbles or place a closed bottle of soda inside the tank in order to keep the water consumption under check.

Choose Recycled Toiletries

Another great way to go green for your bathroom is to invest in green toiletries. It is always good to use recycled toilet papers instead of original ones. Get rid of your vinyl shower curtain as it can pollute the air by discharging toxic materials. Rather go for green shower curtains, which are easily available in the market now. Also, make your bathroom free from those bleach cleaning products. They are also highly poisonous. Vinegar can work as an excellent alternative to those.

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