Things to remember before installing energy saving led lights in your home

Are you planning to install LED lights in your house for saving energy and cutting your electricity bill down? Well, there are a few things that you need to remember before taking such a major step. Find below 4 most important aspects of LED bulb installation at home:


Working Life of LED Bulbs

First of all, you need to know about the life of LED lights. These energy saving lights are known to have much better working life than regular incandescent bulbs. High-quality LED lights can run as long as nine years without causing any disturbance, if they are used in moderation for in-house purposes. So, if you want to go for this option, make sure that you are investing in some good-quality lights.

Production of Light and Heat

Generation of heat and emission of light are two major aspects of LED bulbs that you need to consider prior to installing them in your house. According to experts, almost 85 percent of the total electricity consumed by a LED light is converted into light, leaving the rest 15 percent for the generation of heat. On the other hand, regular bulbs are considered as transferring only 10 percent of their consumed energies into light. Remaining 90 percent of electricity is simply wasted. In short, the conversion rate of LED lights is quite higher than that of their halogen counterparts. Therefore, it is always good to replace your halogen bulbs with bright and energy-efficient LED lights.

Carbon footprint of LED production

Well, we also cannot ignore this point when it comes to purchasing LED lights and installing those in our homes. The carbon footprint of LED bulbs is much lower that halogen bulbs. As mentioned earlier, these lights can be used for a significantly longer time. Moreover, they are capable of making the most of the electricity consumed for giving us brighter lights. All these promote the less production of LED bulbs, which is extremely helpful in counterbalancing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing procedure.

Have a look at your budget

Finally, you must know your budget and then go ahead. In order to take the advantage of these lights for the long term, you must be ready to invest a good amount at first. That is why the costs of installing LED lights are always greater than regular incandescent lights. However, there is a wide range of choices and you can pick the most suitable one to meet your requirements as well as your wallet.

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