Five eco friendly lessons you should teach your children

Being friendly towards the environment doesn’t require much of an effort, contrary to the perception. Many people don’t understand that small steps can often make the difference when it comes to being eco-friendly. Since the simplest effort can be made at home, it’s feasible to start from one’s home.


Children are often seen meddling with electricity and water, causing significant wastage and contributing significantly towards wastage of resources. Thus, what are the five simple methods which can be taught so that children can contribute towards eco-friendliness?

  • Switching off devices when not in use

This is the most common scenario of resource wastage wherein devices such as lights and fans are kept on owing to a lack of knowledge about the environmental impact. Not only are these appliances consuming more energy, but they are also increasing your utility bill. It’s better to educate children when they are young regarding the energy consumption and also the impact on the utility bill of leaving electrical devices switched on when they are not in use.

Equipments like gaming devices and computers are also kept on by children owing to a lack of knowledge on energy consumption. It is better to instruct them when you observe them keeping such devices on even after they are finished with their gaming sessions or other activities.

  • Closing the taps fully

Many children have a bad habit of leaving taps fully or partially on after getting the desired amount of water. Tell them to ensure that taps must be fully closed so that no wastage of precious resource like water occurs.

  • Putting off he sockets

Not only children but many adults also fail to understand the importance of putting off sockets when they are not in use. Whenever a socket is on, regardless of the device use it still consumes energy. This also ensures that children know they have to put off the sockets after they are done with the usage.


  • Encouraging them to reuse materials

Encouraging your children to reuse materials such as plastic bags can prove to be a great step in the education of your children. It can ensure that they will follow this habit for their lifetime and this significantly also decreases the dumping of plastic.

  • Cultivating reading habits about environment

To cap off the process of ensuring your children use eco-friendly processes, it is necessary that you encourage them more about environment. Self-knowledge is the best form of enlightenment and this will serve the budding minds of children right in terms of eco-friendly usage from their end.

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