How to do your laundry the eco friendly way

Do you know how much water and energy you waste each time you laundry your clothes? However, you really do not need to be worry. There are ways to avoid it and carrying out the entire procedure in an eco-friendly manner. Check the following tips out:


  1. Do not go for a wash each time you wear a cloth. Remember, an outfit does not get dirty instantly. It needs at least a few days to smell bad and look filthy. So, prevent your laundry pile from growing unnecessarily.
  2. Try to plan your wash in such a way that you can go for full loads. Majority of machines make the most of the used water as well as the consumed energy while washing clothes in full load. Each time you go for a smaller load, you end up wasting lots of energy. So, wait for a few days to stock up enough dirty clothes and go then.
  3. Make use of cold water for cleaning the outfits. It is true that warm water can eliminate soil and dirt from unclean clothes easily and quickly but sometimes, cold water can also do the same. If you go for warm or hot water, you need to use energy for heating it up. Hence, try to use cold water as much as possible to do your laundry in an environment-friendly way.
  4. Look for a washing machine that comes with an extended spin cycle. It can extract much more water from your outfits and that too at an extremely good speed. As a result, you can dry them in the dryer in a shorter time and reduce energy consumption to some extent.
  5. Not all clothes take same time for being dried up. It completely depends upon the fabrics of the clothes. Why don’t get the most out of it? Keep clothes of different fabrics in separate bunches and dry them accordingly. This way, you can stay away from over drying certain outfits and misusing lots of energy.
  6. Does your dryer have a moisture sensor? Well, it can also be of your great help in doing your laundry in an eco-friendly way. You can easily get to know about the time that your load will take to get dried out with the help of this moisture. Consequently, you do not need to run the dryer for a longer time.
  7. Make sure that you take your clothes out of your dryer as soon as they become dry. If you do this followed by immediate hanging, you can avoid creases and wrinkles in them. It is extremely helpful for ironing. Because, you would not need to spend much time for ironing those clothes, which would eventually result into less consumption of energy.

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