Five Bamboo Alternatives to Paper & Plastic Products

Bamboo Alternatives to Paper & Plastic Products

There is a lot of talk about the environment these days, and for good reason. Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is warming our planet, leading to both predictable and unpredictable results. Sustainability needs to start at the top of the economy, but there is no reason to overlook what we do in our day-to-day lives.

We can all make a difference if we show diligence and the ability to think outside the box for solutions to environmental problems. One thing you can do in your personal life is change to alternatives to paper and plastic products. Traditional paper products are made from trees that produce oxygen from the carbon in the air and plastic is all-around horrible for life on this planet. Luckily, there are options. Bamboo is better for the environment and saves water. Below are five bamboo alternatives to paper and plastic products.

1. Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo Toilet Paper

While the paper products made from bamboo still come from a tree, it is a much more sustainable option when compared to traditional paper production. Bamboo isn’t just environmentally-friendly, it is durable. Bamboo toilet paper is both soft and strong. Not only will you be doing the right thing by avoiding traditional toilet paper production, you will have a great product that is more durable than the standard. In the end, you will buy less toilet paper—providing savings for you and a better alternative for the environment.

2. Bamboo Plates, Bowls, & Cutlery

We all have those moments where we don’t want to wash the dishes. When you have a lot of people over for a party, it takes a lot of work to serve everyone food and clean up after them. Do you want a less wasteful alternative to paper plates and plastic cutlery? Look no further than bamboo. Bamboo plates and bowls are extremely durable—you can even reuse them. The same goes for bamboo cutlery. Skip the plastic that is harming our world every time you throw it away and buy a new box. Cutlery made from bamboo is stronger and more sustainable than plastic forks and knives. So next time you have a party, buy some bamboo plates and cutlery beforehand.

3. Bamboo Paper Towels

Bamboo Paper Towels

Another product that has a great bamboo alternative are paper towels.Bamboo paper towels are much stronger than the average paper towel, and last much longer. You won’t have to use as many sheets and even if you do, this product is more sustainable and eco-friendly. We use a lot of paper towels in our homes. Think about how often you tear off a piece. Replacing your usual paper towel brand with bamboo will save a lot of trees that can take the carbon in the air and turn it into breathable oxygen and mitigate the warming of our planet. Don’t settle for anything less than bamboo.

4. Brushes

Whether you need a new toothbrush, a brush for your hair, or a scrubber for your dishes, next time you go to the store to  buy one of these products, go for the bamboo options. Brushes with plastic handles are easily replaced by bamboo. Toothbrushes can be made entirely out of bamboo. You can even find a bamboo loofah. Do you want a new comb? Take a look at the sleek and strong bamboo options available to you. Whatever cosmetic, bedroom, or bathroom product you need that typically uses plastic in production has an alternative that is likely better and longer-lasting.

5. Cups, Straws, Boxes, & More

Bamboo straws

There is no end to the amount of bamboo products that can replace paper and plastic. If you are a manager of an office and provide paper coffee cups to your employees, think about switching to bamboo. Do you like having straws around? There are bamboo straws that are much more sustainable than the usual plastic. When you’re going to move to a new house, think about using bamboo boxes. The point is, while this article only offers a few products that can be found in bamboo, nearly everything that you can think of has an alternative.

Bamboo is an amazing plant that is strong, long-lasting, and environmentally-sound. It uses less water. It is strong. It keeps other trees that we need to produce oxygen out of carbon alive. When you’re wondering what you can do for the environment, switching to bamboo is a good place to start.

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