5 Ways You Can Use Solar Energy in Your Home

Solar energy

People are slowly realizing the importance of clean energy in the world. If you’re one of those homeowners who’s on the brink of setting your home up in a cleaner fashion with new solar energy, you should understand the holistic impact of the choice you’ll be making. It’s important to note that the conversion will not be cheap since the technology is new. The cost for initial set-up is high, and thus, you must know what you’re doing before you decide.

Solar Energy, however, has many uses in the world of today. Here are a few ways that you can use Solar Energy in your home.

1. Solar Electricity

Solar energy is clean, and though the initial cost of set-up can be high, the electricity you receive is uninterrupted and completely your own. You don’t have to pay any external company for providing you with electricity, and you can be less conscious of the energy you’re consuming. A solar battery can connect to your solar power system so that you can consume conserved solar energy even after the sun goes down. This novel type of electricity doesn’t have any harmful side effects on the environment. You will have to replace the solar batteries, and these incur their costs. However, there aren’t many other costs apart from this.

2. Solar Water Heating

You can also use Solar Energy to heat water systems. If you want hot water at any time within your home, you can install a solar water heater. These systems use rooftop cells to absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water tank.  Solar water heaters have a five-to-ten year payback since it’s new energy, which isn’t ideal. However, it’s a clean way for you to get hot water.

3. Solar Heating

You can use solar energy to power a radiating floor or pair it with a Forced Hot Air System so you can heat a home. Heating is one of the most important uses of energy in the UK and the US. Thus, it’s important that this segment, which uses a great amount of energy, is properly cared for. There’s also a new solar home design that traps heat in the house by considering the number of windows in the house and the placement of the said windows.

4. Solar Lighting

Solar energy is a new energy that can not only be stored in solar panels. There are also applications of solar power that occurs in smaller versions with less investment. One of the ways to do this is by using lighting with photovoltaic cells.

There are many options for garden lights that use solar cells. Using a tiki-torch-light can make your garden beautiful and light up your driveway at the same time, without you having to spend much time, money or effort on installation. The lighting doesn’t use a power outlet, and thus, you don’t have to employ any extra help to get your work done.

5. Solar Ventilation

You can use solar power for ventilation by using solar attic fans, which reduce the burden on your HVAC and help your house cool down during the summer. You can also install devices that pre-heat your house during the winter so you can come home to a warm house rather than a cold building.

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