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Extruded soybean paste acts as fake feces in toilet testing

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If you just had lunch, then we suggest you really do not directly look at those images, much like in case of the sun. Toilet testing company Maximum Performance has developed fake poop and it has done so using extruded soybean paste. The company has been involved in the testing of toilet units since long and it is their duty to ensure that the flushing standards of toilets meet the set norms. Yes, there are flushing standards and they currently indicate that a toilet needs to flush down at least 350g of excrement in a single flush.

Toilet testers create fake faeces from extruded soybean paste

The idea here is to minimize as much water consumption in the process of flushing. The extruded soybean paste is similar in density and moisture to human waste and hence it has been deemed the best material for testing. The soybean paste is cast into 50g and 10 centimeter long specimens and used for the purpose of testing. The size and volume of these specimens is gradually increased until the toilet fails to clear all material even after three flushes.

US Environmental Protection Agency is the one that sets the standards for these tests and it also keeps an eye on the amount of water that is consumed by a toilet unit for the flushing purpose. All these factors contribute toward giving a toilet unit a ‘high efficiency’ rating and as far as the soybean specimens are concerned, they are encased in a thin latex membrane so that they can be reused up to 100 times.

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