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How to run the stair lift in your house on solar power

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Home is always a place where we long to be as nothing can ever be more comfortable then our own den. Most of the apartments (especially duplex type) have staircase and one might not always be in a position to climb up and down the stairs due to various health and medical reasons, well that does not mean that the person will remain confined to a limited area of his own home or shift to a new one, there is an excellent solution to this – a stair lift and the device becomes even more interesting, when it operates on solar energy (environment friendly). Below you will read about stair lift and how to run the stair lift in your house on solar power.

What is stair lift?

If we study, the term itself can make out its very basic meaning that it is a machine that aids or assists the movement of human beings as well as other kith kin up and down the stairs. This mechanical device basically has four distinct parts:

1. The seat. It is with armrest, foot rest, lap belt, etc. or the platform (which carries the person or any other commodity).

2. The steel and extruded aluminum rail. It is running on rack and pinion drive system fixed on the treads of the stairs or the wall beside it.

3. The carriage. It attaches the seat to the rail and is encapsulated with all the safety features and switches.

4. The controls. Controls are generally placed in the arm rest, they are required to operate the machine. It starts softly and picks up the speed between 0.07 meters per second to 0.15 meters per second depending upon whether it is straight or curved.

Why is a stair lift required?

It is being said that in 1920s a Pennsylvanian entrepreneur invented the device to enable one of his ill friend travel up and down the floors, again in 2009 few evidences were unearthed attributing the invention of the said device to the monarchs. However, we see that it can be used for easing the up and down movement of handicapped, elderly people not physically strong, even for children (using the child car lift and the appropriate belts), any other objects weighing up to 400 lbs.

Types of stair lift

Various types of stair lifts are as follows:

1. Straight rail stair lifts

2. Curved rail stair lifts

3. Wheelchair platform

4. Outdoor stair lifts

5. Preowned stair lifts

6. Goods stair lifts


Although self-installation of stair lifts is becoming common these days yet it is always preferable to get the same installed by professionals as they know their job the best. Correct installation ensures safe installation as well as longevity of the device. Further they can even provide a quick workshop on its usage, safety measures and maintenance.

Powering the stair lifts

Stair lifts previously operated on alternating current driven motors, recently the shift is towards rechargeable batteries, they power the device and run on direct current. Advantage in the latter case is that, if the battery is sufficiently charged stair lift will operate even when there is a power failure in the home. In some cases, three phase motors are used where in there is an inverter converting DC energy to three phase AC power.

Solar power

As the name suggests, it takes power from our most powerful star the Sun. Here we create a home solar power system, requiring installation of solar panels on the terrace of your home so as to get maximum possible exposure to the Sun. These panels create DC electricity which is then passed through inverter to convert to AC power, the same can now be consumed for various appliances. They function the best during noon time when the Sun shines the brightest, ensure that the solar equipment installed is such that it shops and stores sufficient power for night, when there is no Sun. Further for those households operating on off grid solar power, gasoline generators should be used as backups.

Benefits to the environment

Hence we see that solar power is truly powerful in the sense that it not only provides unlimited power for households but it provides power that is completely safe, clean, natural as well as economical. Chalo Change Karein! Let us make the difference!

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