Seven most extreme plans for green architecture

Green Power Center

The Green is the latest trend and this trend has completely changed the way world was actually supposed to be. This green change is highly appreciated as it doesn’t impact the environment and surrounding and brings down unique and super cool changes into the world. This green technology is being developed to meet the growing needs of the people and to build a safer and green future for the coming generations. These days’ people are planning for a green architecture on a large scale so that they can make the world a better place to live and a green place to enjoy. Ever since this technology has evolved, there has been nothing that can stop it from emerging and finally we are able to get a technology that is ready to completely transform our world into a world of imagination.

Let’s hope this green architecture plans come true and we get awesome designs on our motherland. Here is a list of seven most extreme plans for green architecture.

1. Floating ecopolis

The ‘Floating ecopolis’ is a cool concept made to deal with the effects of global warming over the world. This is a cool city concept designed by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut. The artist actually thought of the idea if the global warming keeps increasing there will be a severe rise in sea levels and will ultimately destroy the low-lying islands like Maldives. So he created this concept plan of floating city to save the people. This city can accommodate 50,000 people and can provide shelter to all of them. The central lagoon is made to collect the fresh rain water.

2. Farming the sky

The sky is the limit and this design perfectly proves that. The desert city Abu Dhabi is mainly concentrated on few desalination plants for its entire people. So to meet the needs of the growing population, a tall and effective vertical seawater farm is being constructed there. This is a completely green building as it is made out of green components and can be used effectively to collect high quantity of rain water to meet the needs of the people.

3. Greening the desert

The desert is now being converted into green to make the world greener. The largest desert on the Earth, Sahara desert, is now being used to construct the largest solar energy plant. The solar energy plant is being constructed along the strip and will be widely used to generate high amount of electricity which can be used to meet the power requirements of the country. Moreover, the waste water coming out of plant will be used to irrigate plants and desert trees along the sides of the plant.

4. Zigging when the world is zagging

This is a cool concept plan to achieve a green design and surrounding. This green concept is being developed by a UAE firm named Timelinks. They have come up with this unique and cool idea to construct a green city which will consist of plants, trees and humans with the latest technology. This is a good step taken by the firm towards a green future.

5. Shimmer on the Moscow river

This project is being developed by architect named Norman Foster who is actually known for his awesome designs and breathtaking structures. Now he has tried to take the world to a whole new level with his new and unique green concept. This project is named crystal Island by the artist and is being constructed on the bank of the Moscow River. This island is shaped in tent like shape which will spread over a limited regions and reaching a height of an Empire state. The island will consist of various museums, shops, theaters and other cultural and business stuffs.

6. South Korea’s green power center

This is one of the best green concepts the South Korea has come up with. This is actually like a small power city which is being developed by the country. It will consist of all the basic amenities like a house, office, green surrounding and other basic needs. This is being constructed by a Dutch architecture firm MVRDV. They are making this hill-like structure building to meet the energy needs of the population.

7. Towering ambition

China is always ready to make something new and unique in terms of living. They have now come up with a green idea named Towering Ambition which will be constructed in Shenzhen. This cool tower is designed by a California architect Eugene Tsui. The artist came up with this awesome design and laid down his concept which was highly appreciated and is now being constructed in Shenzhen. This 2,000 foot tall tower will be built on a manmade island and would consist of trees and plants and mangrove swamps around it. This is being constructed with a motive to filter the water and to provide fresh water to its people.

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